Release date lol?

When is the game gonns come out im excited to play it lol i hope it be like celtic heroes tbh


As much as I would love to say the game is coming out on X date I can’t, all we are getting is “coming early 2020” Also in an interview with gamefreaks365 they asked the exact same question

When can fans get their hands on Warhammer Odyssey ?

We plan to release Warhammer: Odyssey early this year, but have not set a date just yet. We want to ensure we’re delivering a game we’re happy with rather than rushing.

So it seems like they are still fine tuning the game so it’s ready for the beta. Hopefully we can hear something by the end of February about the game

Link to the interview

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Hi all, when will this game realeased?

As of now there is no release date and no estimate. The first closed beta however was estimated to come this May, and Difinitus came out recently saying the team has made significant progress towards the release of a beta, but cannot give a date as to when it’ll be.

me too Bers! Hopefully the Devs don’t let it die like CH.