Quiting game asap

Sorry but i come from celtic heroes and that was an amazing game, this game is just trash i don’t understand how can you guys make such a lame game owning CH ??? I spent hours here and I’m feel like wasted my life time in such a heartless game made just to get some former glory… Deleting game asap there are better games out there this one just didn’t even meet a 3 from 1-10

It’s still in testing stage, no need to rage about lol. Hopefully this game will get better and better.

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I tried CH about 2 years ago as a newcomer. It was an offline game. I’ve always been alone except in town. I liked it, but at some point I can’t go any further at level 30 or so. Bad armor, strong mobs, no players.
Which games do you recommend?

I think, this game here will get better and better.

t takes time. But part of the community of players doesn’t have it, it doesn’t go fast enough … hop hop next mob … go … gooo … GOOO.
Then next game and the same again …
Like a swarm of locusts that leaves nothing good behind

You’re comparing a game that has 9 years of development vs a game that’s been out for a month. The developers haven’t touch anything in CH as far as updates in 3 years. In another year or two the update will be another high level boss that drops the same gear that adds to stats or a skill cooldown.

Celtic Heroes it Doomed
I am a 8years Vet from CH
And all the money generated feom CH is Been invested here
Its better to start grinding here than waiting for CH to die

This is the only mmo that has any kind of emersion, and it has it in spades, a fantastic loot table, always feels random. The ONLY mobile game I will play. The rest are cheese even Black Desert mobile is theme park.

Start up a Warrior Priest best class imo, slow but solid.

The warhammer lore is a big deal to me as I like it dark


if you like warhammer you shouldve played age of reckoning or rather return to reckoning, the new private server version…