Please fix asap

hey guys i have to give my 5 cents, i must say i love the game and the mechanics, i love what u guys are doing… just wanted to get that out the way. Ok guys this patch killed it and it is not even about the patch, drop rate is very low , the repair man went up at least by 25 %, food price is to high in the vendors, and trying to farm level 24 3 star mobs and only getting 24 to 27 bronze pennies is just insane because u cant pay for the repair and god forbid if u die, i just have green and purple gear, i cant afford to farm for 30 minutes, and when there is nothing dropping that u can sell in ah u in trouble. u guys also need a potion vendor i had to sell mine to pay my repair bill. This game u have to farm, if u cant afford to, then what is there to do. Guys please look into these issues asap or u are going to lose a lot of your players, i know this because i am one… thank u and please do not kill the game before u start.

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Yes… You are right… I agree…

Also Put mails in selected camps… not every camps but selected camps.

nice loki i forgot about the mail box lol