Pad support ? Gender lock?


Any PAD (bluetooth) support on the game ?

Gender Lock ?


Classes gonna be gender locked at launch but also heard dey will(or cud, I’m not sure cuz hey I’m not a Dev rip) introduce both genders to all classes in da future
(Idk wut u mean by PAD sorry)

Ok thanks you for answer, did the game will be playable with controller ?

I don’t think it will be. It’s a possible update but I’m pretty sure it’s not on the priority list of the devs to get it out. But hey, if u wanna play it on PC, u can use an emulator

Yes i know, but i just want to play it on my mobile with a bluetooth pad (in my bed, in my bath héhé)

Oo nice but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be supported any time soon

I’ve been looking at controller options, some games/controllers you can program. It is hit and miss :crossed_fingers:

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I really hope they remove gender lock from the beginning because it forces players to either choose a class they don’t like because it’s their preferred gender or choose a gender they don’t want just because they like that class.

@Zelus everything i have read says that there will be a gender lock here is a link to the interview.