Pad support ? Gender lock?


Any PAD (bluetooth) support on the game ?

Gender Lock ?


Classes gonna be gender locked at launch but also heard dey will(or cud, I’m not sure cuz hey I’m not a Dev rip) introduce both genders to all classes in da future
(Idk wut u mean by PAD sorry)

Ok thanks you for answer, did the game will be playable with controller ?

I don’t think it will be. It’s a possible update but I’m pretty sure it’s not on the priority list of the devs to get it out. But hey, if u wanna play it on PC, u can use an emulator

Yes i know, but i just want to play it on my mobile with a bluetooth pad (in my bed, in my bath héhé)

Oo nice but unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be supported any time soon

I’ve been looking at controller options, some games/controllers you can program. It is hit and miss :crossed_fingers:

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I really hope they remove gender lock from the beginning because it forces players to either choose a class they don’t like because it’s their preferred gender or choose a gender they don’t want just because they like that class.

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@Zelus everything i have read says that there will be a gender lock here is a link to the interview.

Hall any news about the gamepad support ?? Beta incoming =)

One of the developers (Diffinitus).mentioned that he is pushing hard for gamepad control internally, but it isn’t something we will see as part of initial release.

Good , we getting a second Celtic heroes with new worlds and different toons

Official launch in all regions by end of January 2021. Gamepad controller support will not be available by then. But could likely come sometime in first half of 2021, I agree it should be a focus.

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