Olden Hammer Guild (we have 63 people currently ]

Looking for a guild? Wana join the biggest one currently? Then come join us!

This is our website, apply to join!
(ADD A SMALL ‘h’ INFRONT OF THE TTPS FOR IT TO WORK ttps://oldenhammer.gamerlaunch.com/index.php?gid=582866&raid_pool=597792
We are currently looking for players who wana play a well run guild but competitive guild.

What do we offer?
◇ A fully automated, fully functioning discord server with custom bots.
◇ A good and knowledgeable community
◇ The chance to join a wide range of players
◇ A fun guild that is growing faster than anyone else.

If this appeals to you please check out our discord:

Thx and we will enjoy hearing from you!

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Thanks @Vickstar123! A few questions … As you are the current biggest guild, according to your recruitment ad, can I assume that your membership is composed of WH tabletop players? I’m totally new to the franchise and therefore keen to learn about WH lore, but I am NOT a tabletop player, so it may be a potential frustration to join a group “speaking their own language” in that regard, if that makes sense!

The guild seems to offer what most guilds would in a MMORPG nowadays, so I am equally curious to find out what type of restrictions the guild may run (age, activity level, language, etc.). Do you have a fixed set of code and rules, or is this yet to be developed?

In the meanwhile, good job in getting your site and Discord up and running and actively recruiting!

I hope this isn’t too off topic, but there is also an official Warhammer: Odyssey Discord. There are a few tabletop players I believe, and there are plenty of those knowledgeable in the lore as well. They do kind of speak in their own language, but it’s pretty easy for me (a noob to Warhammer in general) to understand. And they would be more than happy to answers any questions that you might have about the lore!

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Thanks for the heads up @RagingRedhead, I’ve ready joined the general server and learnt quite a bit by lurking on the noob sideline haha!


I think the link has expired.

I think the guild itself has as well.


:crying_cat_face: That’s sad…

Haha already? :joy: what happened

I don’t know for sure, I was kicked months ago for disagreeing with Vick. However, their Band group is mostly dead, and I haven’t seen any of the original members posting in the main WH:O server recently.

It might still be alive, I just don’t really know how you could try to get in touch with them.

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By replying to this post they should get an email?

Is this guild still active ? Would like to join.

From what I’ve been told, it’s pretty much completely dead by now. You might be able to find someone who can get you an invite, but there aren’t really any active people in it.