Olden Hammer Guild (we have 63 people currently ]

Looking for a guild? Wana join the biggest one currently? Then come join us!

This is our website, apply to join!
(ADD A SMALL ‘h’ INFRONT OF THE TTPS FOR IT TO WORK ttps://oldenhammer.gamerlaunch.com/index.php?gid=582866&raid_pool=597792
We are currently looking for players who wana play a well run guild but competitive guild.

What do we offer?
◇ A fully automated, fully functioning discord server with custom bots.
◇ A good and knowledgeable community
◇ The chance to join a wide range of players
◇ A fun guild that is growing faster than anyone else.

If this appeals to you please check out our discord:

Thx and we will enjoy hearing from you!