Official PC version

Many players play on a personal computer, it is much more convenient, you can play much longer, chatting with friends in the game is more convenient, and does not drain your phone’s battery + not everyone has a good phone, and many want to play at high graphics settings with high-quality images at large monitor and without lags. In general, there are some positive aspects. We really want the developers to release an official version optimized for PC. playing on the emulator is very bad, it freezes, after an hour of play everything starts to slow down and crash. Dear developers, if you see this message, please think about it. Thank you in advance. Sigmar is with us!


It may not be up to the developers. Games Workshop may not let them have a PC version, due to a number of factors. Let’s all remember Warhammer Online, and how it died after 5 years, they may not want another PC MMO so soon.

The developers have stated that their primary goal is to make Warhammer: Odyssey be a mobile MMORPG. Yes, releasing it on PC as well would majorly increase the potential playerbase, but it would also majorly increase the amount of work required to develop the game.

In addition to that, because it’s mobile-first, all the graphics and maps are designed for mobile devices. If they were to keep the same graphics and port it to PC, it’d look pretty bad on any modern monitor, and the maps would be really small compared to many other PC games. In order to fix that, the devs would essentially have to remake the entire game.

In summary, I for one really hope that they don’t port it to PC. It would make for a worse game overall.

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  1. About the graphics (even on the emulator it is good, play first - then draw conclusions).
  2. The game has already been killed, so don’t worry.

what does it have to do with mmo for pc? just an official launcher (as they did in Raid). not a game for pc, JUST A LAUNCHER to play on pc. please read carefully.

What do you mean, Sarbal, that it has been killed? Do you mean the pc version idea or the mobile?