November interview

My favorite part from interview:

MMORPG: Will there be an Open Beta?

James York: Our intent is to have a rolling soft launch that will serve as an open beta, this will start in specific territories and on specific platforms and gradually expand leading up to a full launch. There will be more information on this is in the coming days but it will commence shortly.

MMORPG: Is the game still on track to release in 2020?

James York: Yes, absolutely. We currently anticipate all territories will have full access by January 2021.


Yes! Glad to see a lot of important information in this interview! Can’t wait to play it!!!

Been following this game a really long time, who is in this Closed Beta? I have not even heard of invites… lol

Most people in the closed beta are in the WH:O discord server. Including myself. I don’t think many of us testers are active in this forum, although I have seen a few names.

Open beta will be rolling out region by region, and by January 2021 it will be available to all regions.

Exciting times ahead!


I read this before going on the forum😂 gotta say at least we have a rough estimate of world wide release

Ngl got me hyped thoo

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Go go go launch the game !!

Looking forward to the launch and thx for sharing!

Don’t be too hasty. Bad things can happen when things get rushed.

Holy crap, it’s still looking at a 2020 release! That is such great news, I really didn’t expect that!

They confirmed it will likely be at the end of January 2021

End of January 2021 for “ALL” plateforms, maybe one platform in 2020 ? ^^

Maybe, no set dates have been provided, but they mentioned to ‘expect to have access to the game at the end of January 2021’, this leads me to believe 9/10 people will have access in late January 2021.