No news is not good news

Let me start off by acknowleding the COVID situation. Development speed and productivity will definitely suffer.

With that being said, I would request the dev. team or community managers to share info at a slightly higher frequency. It will help keep engagement and interest among us who are waiting for this game.

Patience is surely a virtue, but I would hate for this project to not capitalise on the interest and momentum that has been generated so far.



The dev team owes us no explanation. MMOs are one of the biggest types of games to make. They have more moving parts then most gamers can grasp. Also as you said there is Covid-19 and this has slowed down production in every game studio. If they give us info, awesome but they have a marketing team with plans on when to release info that is the best plan to, win investors, give hype at the right time. Too much info at the wrong time can hurt a game. Sit back and play something else till they chuck us a bone.


Hi Nan,

Agree with you that we are not owed anything by the dev team. MMOs are huge projects and I’m sure that VR team is fully up to the task. They have the experience and, hopefully, the required resources to take this project to its desired end.

Maybe you’re right about the timings part as well. Perhaps the focus is on releasing info selectively to get maximum traction at investor level. If that is the case, then good for them.

But surely our relationship with the VR team is not a master-dog relationship, where we wait for a ‘bone’ thrown in our direction. We’ve all seen many projects with immense amount of hype in the early stages that soon fizzle away, burn-out.

We’ve probably missed the opportunity that COVID presented, where everyone had plenty of time with little to do. The VR team couldn’t really have planned for that. Maybe the next best thing is to ensure regular and frequent info sharing which will keep the hype flame burning.


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Hello mr. Aweful, mr. Nanfoodle

Your views are both solid points and I kinda agree with you both. But yeah, with the pandemic we face it really is to be expected to have lots of stuff delayed and all. And I completely agree with mr. Nan’s statement on having too much info for us at the wrong time can really hurt the game. We cannot deny that we also deserve atleast a statement wether the game’s development is progressing or halted at the moment, it’s just plain torture expecting a good game’s arrival with all this free time we got nothing else to do with.

Maybe if they just post some news in the forums and not entirely leaks about the game, the community would get revitalized again and maybe chip in ideas for the devs and spark good conversation topics for everyone else dying for the game’s release.


Not sure tho if it helps, i tried asking some questions to the tutorial bot out of boredom, still got nothing. And I’m not sure either if its an appropriate time to use the contact support feature

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A bone when its time for a bone. Hype needs to be carefully played. The first Warhammer MMO played the hype card too often and too soon. It cost them dearly with fans and also with the industry. Blizzard stole their achievement system and launched it before WAR could release. By the time the game launched the hype did not match the product and that played into that games failing. Releasing info now is a marketing game to hype only the right amount and when the time is right. Asking for or demanding information needs to be measured by an understanding of these things.


Makes sense…

Will work on my patience then. Thanks for the discussion Nan, Harp…

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Its also a good way to measure how close a game is till release. When you get fluffy updates like we have been. Its going to be a bit of a wait. When you get meat and potatoes, its getting close.


Hype can disappoint but teasers are always welcome


I’d say news has been pushed out at a fair pace. What we do know is that the team has started play testing the beta, likely to make sure everything is working properly and as intended, which I’d imagine is one of the very last steps for the closed beta. I’m personally fine with the slight silence, because I’m tired of being hyped up through trailers and teasers only to be disappointed by the final product… happens all too often now days


I read something about a week ago in where a dev said they would probably release a bit of gameplay (in a video i believe) in the comming weeks. So could get something any day now (fingers crossed since i am dieing to see a bit more about the ingame looks and feels)



We post regular updates, as often as we can, regarding the ongoing development of the game. Posting for the sake of having more frequent updates would diminish the value of these announcements because they wouldn’t have anything new to say.

Your passion means a lot to us and we want to meet all of your expectations for the game. We have never stopped working on Warhammer: Odssey and our sole focus is to reach beta and eventual launch.

Please join us on our Discord where we frequently say hello to the community and give status updates regarding the game:


Nice to see a reply from one of the team. Can’t wait to play this bad boy :slight_smile:


Agree. Its not an easy job. People can be so fickle.

Curious when the next update will be. Does anyone know how far away they are from beta release. What regions the beta release will be available to etc. No official new for over a month now