New topic : What should the level cap be? Should it start at 1 to 60

What should the level cap start as for the first patch of the game? A classic 1 to 60, 1 to 100? Thoughts?

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The devs previously suggested a level cap 1 - 50. However i don’t believe it was confirmed.

I would be happy with something similar. I think each level should be hard earnt.


For me 50 or 60 as a level cap would be fine. With preferably a little slower progression than normal these days. I dont want to be max level in a week since I enjoy the leveling part of a mmorpg. (Probably the thing I enjoy most)

Nowadays it is all about fast leveling so people can play the endgame. Why any leveling at all then?

Just my opinion:D

Yeah I agrer, i hate modern mobile mmo’s, literally reach level 10 in 5 minutes :joy:

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Indeed! For me the best leveling experience was world of warcraft back in 2006 or so. People were happy when they reached a new level. Extremely happy when they reached level 40 and had enough money to buy their first mount. Was great! :smiley:


Like Achilles mentioned, VR said in an interview that they were planning for 50 to be the cap, but that was earlier in the year, and it’s possible that they changed their minds.

Regardless of what the level cap is, I really hope that it both takes a while to get to max level, but at the same time, that it isn’t super grindy. I’d also really like to see a bunch of quests as ways to get exp. In addition to that, I really hope that the game content is spread out relatively fairly across early/mid/late game, so that players don’t have to grind their way to endgame in order to enjoy the game.

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I agree with what I see here.
I think 50 is a good number to start with. Hopefully it won’t be too easy or too hard (pretty well summed up above). Definitely agree with Achilles on the pointlessness of super easy first few levels. There does need to be some relatively easy progression to introduce you to the game and feel rewarding relatively quickly, but instant level ups for every stage of the tutorial has always annoyed me because it devalues the early levels and makes the later ones feel even more difficult. It’s a little thing, but if it takes 2 minutes to do the controls walkthrough and you come out at level 5, that feels like wasted potential to me.


50 is great for me, but it’s old school, maybe devs will surprise us with something different this time.