My computer is crashing while playing "Warhammer"

Hello friends,

A problem has been happening on my computer for few days while playing “Warhammer”. My computer started crashing 10-15 minutes after playing the game :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:. Its not like that any other program is open on my computer while playing the game. I can’t understand whats going wrong. Has anyone else come across this problem? Please suggest me guys…

Greetings GregoryThompson!

Unfortunately, as Warhammer: Odyssey was made for mobile devices, we are unable to officially respond to any issues with the game while using Emulators.

Since it has been occurring for you during the past few days however, it might be caused by the most recent update to the game. If that’s the case then I suggest redownloading the game from scratch.

Hope that helps!