Mounts ext.. what you think?

Will there be mounts, pet and that kind of thing?

I think that i would be cool, however it would be better to have thinhs like clouts and carpets such as in ch.

What ya think?

Unknown at this time, but I think movement items would be nice - especially looking at how large the maps seem to be.

Yeah I don’t think they’ve said anything about mounts yet. But I hope they consider, if they haven’t already, implementing them. Even if it’s not until a later time after launch, it would be so handy to have the ability to move at a quicker pace from place to place.

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Mounts are fine as long as they can be obtained without spending money. Like through quests or something


But they do look cool

The biggest thing I could have against them is you don’t want to make the world feel small, especially at the beginning; perhaps later on when players have advanced a good bit just to get though some of the more expensive areas, but, like most things, it’s a balance…

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I would like if there were mounts so that they only affect the speed of movement and do not affect the strength of the character as it is presented now by mobile mmo

I love mounts, and I think is a great way to add real money content without making the game P2w, only money with costumes, mounts…

Would be cool to see mounts implemented like how they were in Order & Chaos (another mobile mmorpg that was big in 2012) Where you can buy bonds from a premium store and with those bonds you can capture mounts you find in the wild. Mounts can spawn through the world on random timers and of different colours and speed so there were always players camping mount spawn spots and from when I used to play the game there would sometimes be 5 players there just spamming bonds to fight for capturing the mount, obviously bonds don’t have a 100% success rate but something like that would be awesome to see instead of outright purchasing all mounts from shops.

You can read more about it here, obviously not all mounts on the wiki can be caught but they still had a good system going where in order to get a good mount you would have to put in the effort and time to get it.

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That could be a really cool idea, especially if the bonds/mount capture items can be traded among players, and even better if they can be earned for free in-game, albeit through a longer process (e.g. completing a daily quest for X days in a row to earn a bond - more/less time depending on the bond’s chance of capturing the mount).

I like the idea of leaving different types of mounts up to randomness - if you happen to stumble across a high tier mount - lucky you! It would be even cooler if mounts were tradeable, and the requirement to ride mounts went up with time. For example, your first mount has to be a super basic one, regardless of whether your character is level 1 or level 50. Then as you ride your mount (and use it’s skill/perks?) your riding level goes up, and you can start to use better and better mounts.

Based on what you say (I wasn’t able to confirm this by googling) it sounds like only one person can capture the mount, right? I know certain people ( @Zkills ) aren’t a huge fan of players competing against each other with only a select few winning, so it’ll be interesting to get more opinions on this.

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Having mounts be a simple speed boost seems lame. The biggest thing I DON’T want to see is mounts magically disappearing when not in use. At least give me the option to stand beside the horse I dismounted before I press a button to despawn it.

I would hope, for mounts, that they’re added later with a mounted combat system. Give horses the option for lance charges or elven horse archers. Let a gyrocopter shoot superheated steam at things, that would give new options for gameplay and make mounts feel important.

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I really don’t like how VR handled mounted combat in CH. They were probably the most pay to win aspect in the game since spirit mounts were so incredibly hard to get without spending money on loot boxes and opening up the tokens required for them. Most free players were stuck with lower tiered mounts which were fairly weaker.

I prefer mounts to be obtainable through gameplay, that being completing quests or farming mobs for a rare mount drop. I do not want them (whether if it’s just a speed boost or mounts that add to your stats) coming from loot boxes or in app purchases. Only thing that should be purchasable regarding mounts are mount cosmetics. The higher level you are, the better mounts you can receive via quests or farming

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Yes, only one person is able to capture the mount but that was a lot of the fun in OaC, even people who weren’t trying to capture the mount would go to mount spawns just to see it being captured (the extremely rare mounts would be announced in global chat) Usually the person who caught the mount would immediately equip it and start showing it off to everyone as mount capturers were normally a community in themselves. Here is a link to a video of someone capturing mounts

They also have a whole play list dedicated to it
The wands however were premium items, instant cast and had a higher capture rate so they were fairly pay to win for mount capturing when compared to the bonds which had a lower success rate and a cast timer.