Monetization Suggestions & Feedback

I know it’s not our place to say what parts of the game should be monetized, but I wanted to open a channel for players to discuss what they like about certain monetization practices.

I hope others can share what they like or dislike about other MMOs, and that the team may see some ideas that they also like and want to incorporate into their strategy.

Mobile games typically split into two categories. Paying for the game or paying for in-app offers. Sometimes there is a game that does both.

What I’ve disliked in other MMOs are:

  • Cosmetics being insanely expensive. Just for something made rare in a video game, even unable to be traded, I’ve seen cosmetic items cost $150.
  • Essential goods claimed to be luxury. Healing potions for example. When games give you no way to create your own or work for them, they force you into the trap of buying a bunch to survive. Surviving may be more or less of a threat if you run the risk of damaging or losing items.
  • Offers/Packs that look really good, but do absolutely nothing. These are the type that you see in the middle of the game. If you wait 1 more week, that offer you saw will be 10X better the next week. Why? Because only time was your enemy - Paying $100 for the pack got you 1 unique thing, and 20 things that you wasted in half a day…

What I’ve liked in other MMOs are:

  • Rare cosmetics (expensive or not) included as a side-prize with real quality of life upgrades for the game, OR when given as an achievement for overall spending or time played. So while you might have payed a lot for the cosmetic in retrospect, it was really just a bonus compared to everything else.
  • Expansion packs. - I actually prefer to buy these. It shows real support for the game and has less to do with marketing strategies to make me feel helpless without offers.
  • Hardly changing offers. These that stay forever the same, but may from time to time switch out added fashion, achievements, rare items/quest items, or give a bonus deal during certain days of the year. I love these. They don’t make me feel like I made the wrong decision if they constantly change day by day or week by week.
  • Story items (cosmetic, QoL, unique, etc.). Random things that may be expensive, but give you more things to do in the game. I love that if I buy a floating sword it can unlock an area or quest that improves my quality of life or just provides bonus content that adds nothing more than a new, small adventure. These are my absolute favorite. It may or may not provide any edge to the game, but it unlocks content within the game.

Thanks for reading! I hope to hear what others have to say.

I would like to hope monetisation will be in the form of the following mainly:

-Bonus Content

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Hello. Dear developers and players.

What I want to say on this topic.

Then I saw in other games a great idea where in-game purchases are costumes that give the character a visual appearance and do not provide improvement or minimal. Which makes the game very balanced.

We understand that you also eat bread and you need income. Therefore, you can make a purchase of a game or love costumes with small gifts or riding pets.

I think players who are loyal to the game would steadily invest money in the game if it would not be terrible to push the player out with a donat and the player who plays with him at the same level of the game and in time but stronger than him, this is very bad.

Riding pets/mounts will give a huge advantage of engagement over other players. I think they should stick to cosmetics only.

Bonus content, like a specific area made premium wouldn’t be bad, as long as it’s not a ridiculous price where people won’t want to play.

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I think it’s ok to have premium mounts and pets and long as players can get the lower tier mounts and pets some other way because VR has to make some money somehow.