Massive pvp battle

i hope there will be a massive pvp not just in some kind of arena or 1 on 1 duel.

It seems that we wil have 1vs1, gvg and faction warfare (not sure of the last one :frowning: )

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I imagine they will eventually create a zone that allows pop. Right now just dueling is what i have heard

Faction fights would be nice, some event where dwarfs and elves can fight, like a global war.


A large scale PvP zone would be awesome. PvEvP would be the best

Honestly, factions wars is such a brilliant thing. Just imagine the drive and awesomeness of two factions just hoard killing each other and theyre all non NPC, ooof. I can imagine so many things and upgrades i am involving in my head with the faction war ( sort of. lets say there is a faction war every month, so the faction who wins get a trophy, gets some op rewards and afterwards whole month you could have like a buffs, special shops open and etc. Or imagine if at the begging the land will be distributed to different faction, the actual game land, so when one faction wins a war, they get a piece of a land from another faction (that could lead up to, getting privelege on killing some bosses over the other faction, or making it so, the other faction wont even be able to kill the boss ) and when the winning faction get all land from faction, they would get some badges or titles (heroes of world or whatever lol) some loot that is only available through getting all land and etc. But honestly, people could screw this up by a lot. So if they involve a faction war, probs gonna be just a huge war event, i would still love it a huge ton tho ,_,

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yes, and this lore suits perfectly to do that, the board game battles are about races fighting, right? I said it time ago, we have 3 races, 2 gender every race, and dps, support, can be balanced. Elves dont have tanks but maybe archmages can heal enough to do balanced battles.

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