Marienburg Project

As a fan project to kill time, I’ll be using my 3d printer and obsession with painting minis to create a Marienburg landship. So the first community decision is this: Will the ship be made at a legal-playable size or the much bigger display size? Comment here!


The bigger the better?


Display size would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Yes display, it’s the only way

Life-size. Much Biggg, very size, yes large.

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I agree, display size in a glass box would be awesome.

I’d go for display size. Cool idea . Good luck!

As far as a mobile game this forum is about, the size should resemble the idea of portability. Display size.

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Another vote for display size

First mockup model. What are our thoughts so far?


Looks like a great start. Assume you’ll be adding some more of the upper/lower deck features?

That is a good start! :slight_smile:

Ooh, will you be able to look inside?

So I’ve been playing around with this today and, I’m going to be honest. I feel this project could be bigger. What are our thoughts on replacing the “landship” part with a quarter of the city instead? I’ve got a big naked table that’s begging to be filled.

Sounds like a pretty massive undertaking either way. I know that I’d be excited to see either one.
(The crafty side of me is super jealous anytime you nerds get to paint stuffs).

If you can do it then go for it :o

Got a map of the hub thanks to the Devs


I can not see the picture, can you guys?

Nopes, can’t view the pic either For those who can’t see, here’s a link

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