Leveling progress and endgame

Hi all,

I was wondering: do se have any info on how will be the leveling progress and endgame?

I hope the leveling will be supported by a strong lore based quest system (no “kill 150 rats” queste and no “reach level 30 while you are 23” quests).

What about endgame? There will be some sort of deep gear progress with lots of group world/instanced dungeons and faction/guild pvp?

Tell us more :slight_smile:

We dunno wut quests we’ll get but it was said there will be a fair amount of both having to do the storyline/quests and grinding for lvling.

I think it’ll have a strong lore but still can’t confirm it before the game’s out.

At endgame I heard there’ll be both dungeons and world bosses thingy but idk if both will be available straight at launch.

There will be pvp and devs talked about looking into a open pvp zone so guild pvps shud be a thing.

They spoke about factions too, i think… But there are too few info ti know what we really are gonna get

From everything I have read from AMA’s and other interviews, they always reference lore will be the driving force. For example, no mounts because the lore doesn’t support it. As far as exp, they said there will be a combination of quests and grind. I doubt it will be like PC level mmorpg level of grind. Seems fair.

The mmorpg Dev Q&A said they are looking at adding mounts at a later date, but incorporate them in a way that fits the lore, that was quite a while back though so it may have changed so dont quote me.

Some races had units in Warhammer fantasy Tabletop ride mounts though but I think that was an Age of sigmar thing.

i just hope that we will be able to get endgame gear as a solo player! although im in a dominant clan in CH sometimes you dont want to deal with the whole process of getting gear