LetS Start TalkinG about PVP!

Drop some ideas, questions and reactions… It will be fun!!!

When duel begun, multiple hp 3x, or attack reduction, is a good idea for a more longer fight, i saw this in another games.

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Well let me start… Which Class is Best on PVP!!!

Yeah nice… also reduce mana Consumption right?

The problem is our skill actions are so simple.less mobility.

I hope they change jump with
Roll for agile char
Dash for brutal char
Blink for intel char

And the AOE will have redmarks so you will know where to evade the incoming attack… it will be good in pvp and even in dungean raids… spamming skills with less mobility is so boring.

Hi, Speaking Of Pvp What I was able to test and understand is that the game intends to send this more static and still footprint, but it does not mean that it is boring or monotonous (It is a matter of personal taste). Because the game already makes it very clear that it has a type of retro gameplay and it pleases the audience that likes this style, I enjoy movement skills a lot, but I don’t think it makes any difference in pvp because we have no way of predicting deviation from the skills of the opponent (since the vast majority of them are target locked), in addition to that nn would help nothing in the game’s PVE as well. Anyway … I don’t think it’s perfect the way it is but I hope it will improve in some way that really adds to our style of play.
(That Was My Opinion) :slight_smile: