Issue on MacBook Silicon M1

I can download the game on the MacBook Pro 13 with the M1 chip, and it starts without any errors.
However, none of the sign-in options work. Clicking on Google or Facebook does nothing and clicking on Apple ID returns an error message

Anyone been successful in signing in on a Mac M1?

having the same issues, just signed up to point it out. even if another option worked, I don’t see any way to add multiple login options for our accounts. personally I always prefer email login because that way I know it’s not dependent on the life of a third party service (nor depend on a secondary application for authentication such as in this case, and why, I assume, we can’t login).

but yeah, it shouldn’t be available on the MacBook M1 in the first place if they have no intention of fixing the login situation.

My guess is that their policy on people trying to run the app on macbook would be similar to their policy on people running the game on emulators - it might work, but they don’t specifically support it as an option for that device.

Idk if they have the ability to disable the app for macbooks, not too familiar with how that system works and ties in with the app store.