Is this game dead already?

The community forums are very quiet and at most there are roughly 100 players at peek across all servers.

Given the time commitment this game takes, I am not sure if it is worth it, considering this is a licensed game, and the last warhammer mmo ended due to not being able to reup the license.

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Just think of Celtic Heroes, still one of the absolute best MMORPGs on mobile. It is the same team who has made WH, I say keep at it and watch the game grow :fire:

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Eu também tenho essa impressão sobre o jogo, geralmente os grandes lançamentos tem muito hype e uma quantidade massiva de jogadores.
Esse jogo por não ter auto farm, tirou a atenção da maioria dos jogadores de RPG de automático.
O jogo ainda apresenta muitos bugs, mas se eles manterem atualizações de correções constantes creio que o jogo não morra e melhore.

They aren’t working on player retention, and in the highly saturated mobile gaming market, they don’t get a second chance. I do not know why they are raising level caps before introducing a low level dungeons and making a better first impression. There is a very small number of capped players, and they seem content on grinding for gear while content rolls out (raising the level cap while not introducing new features is just more of the same and pointless,) but new players I would bet don’t make it to drakwald forest.

Another issue with this game, is that it is licensed and not knowing their agreement, I would assume Games Workshop can pull the plug on their IP if they are not happy with results, meaning they may not have the time you think they have to make this like Celtic Heroes.

At the very least they should consider shortening the leveling experience until Wastelands to get players to commit and bond with their character by either making early level combat faster (meaning enemies have less health) or reward more XP for quests and kills. In most MMOs 90% of the time leveling is spent in the last 5-10 levels. This is designed knowing how players feel once invested.

Additionally, I do not mind speaking up in chat but many people like a social feature like a group finder. Also a low level dungeon will help newer players bond with the community and something should be offered around level 12 once a player can choose their first specialized action.


WHO is dead game alrdy VR go back to CH and stop being dumb****

Sounds like they threw several millions of dollars into a trash can and set two properties on fire.