Is it just me or does WH suck?

Is it just me, or does the Witch Hunter royally suck? I’ve tried getting into it, it’s my favorite idea for a character and I really would like to play the class. But holy moly, I die at every turn, I never have energy, if I get a mob of two I’m probably going to die. It has become a very frustrating class. How are people level 40 witch hunters? What’s the trick? I’m tired of dying and progress is at a crawl. I gave up and made a Shadow Warrior and can destroy enemies. Any advice??


Wh is the most suckable character right now, abilities require a lot of energy apart from the first skill. A couple of abilities don’t work at all ( the miss aura and the mass blinding ability). After level 30, you can farm and swing only in the party, and even then the healers get tired of treating you forever, and the tanks redirect the monsters that run after you. The developers are not so hilo mocked those who chose the character WH. Unfortunately, I also have a Wh 40 and abandoned it, because I was tired of being a tail dependent on other characters to once again not die .

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I’m hoping it gets a much needed update, for a mainly DPS character it definitely sucks. I tried playing it but once I grinder my way to the forest I quit quick.


I had high hopes for witch hunter but the constant need for food and repairs stopped me from progressing at level 39. No food left and the repair cost takes 3+ gold every time. I spent all my time collecting and repairing until I was broke.


Having leveled a WP to 24 now (WH is 37)…WH definitely bad, or WP is just super easy…Idk, but the self heal alone is such a quality of life option. Anyway, WH only build option for solo is to max quick shot and veteran. The whole idea of marks and spending them on abilities really doesn’t work since mark has a huge CD and we don’t have enough talent points to actually access all of the options. You can see what the design is supposed to be, but none of it works. Costs too much mana, requires too many points, and nothing lives long enough to even use half of it.

My build is max quick shot, max veteran, and rank 4 flourishing strike while putting the last few points into mark. basically just quick shot spam and mark + flourishing does huge damage to elites if you’re solo.

Anyway, the class definitely sucks solo. Takes an asinine amount of damage and can only afford quick shot as a damage dealer. Has zero self sustain and requires a massive investment just to take 10% less damage… The upside to WH is that nobody plays it so you can more easily get 2x XP groups to level. I’ve leveled from 28 to 37 purely in groups at 39 mobs. Even at 28, i have people messaging me for XP, and i just stood there doing nothing.

All in all - the class needs major sustain / defensive / mana cost buffs in its final talent options, or just raw buffs to what it already has.


I had to redo my stats and pump points/find gear with leadership and wounds. I’m sitting at around 800 energy and 4100 health and do fine but it does come at a sacrifice of some damage. I’m farming the 38-40 1-2* dark elves and make it through 8 before having to rest. I use knee cap which allows 2 quick shots and a press the advantage before I have to close in and go toe-to-toe. I run out of energy around the 8th mob but still have half life left.

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Good to know, thanks for the advice!

Only the other
characters farm 42 45. And elves 39, wolf, snake, spider 39-41 in general on the autoclicker

I got my WH to 30 and I do love the mechanics of the class, but they do suck. Skills take way too much energy and my armor is pretty much made out of glass. I can solo 2 enemies before having to eat and drink, which is a complete money sink. I just started a WP and I barely get hurt without a huge dps decrease. I sure hope they fix the WH, as I still find it the most fun

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One main reason WH is weak right now is because their energy management is so inefficient that it prevents them from using their abilities effectively. A way to help this:

Adjustment 1: Replace level 9 ability with “Reload” - which lets you hold the button after using a pistol or crossbow ability, during which time you play a short reload animation. Successfully completing the reload restores some energy cost of the ability.

Something like 50% at base with a 1.25 second reload time, and full ranks bring it to .75 second reload time and 75% of the ability cost restored.

This wouldn’t be overpowered because it wouldn’t be useable with abilities that aren’t tied to crossbow/pistol, but would open some tactical play and help balance ability costs.

And adjustment 2: Buff Mark of the Heretic to 10% from 5, and make it apply for the entire party.

These two adjustments will give Witch Hunters worth in team play, as they’ll be useful to other dps classes and be able to fight for a longer period of time.

Who says WH weak, ya know nothing about WH.
Only one small buff will make WH overpower so Devs better don’t do that.

Im solo all the time and alway reject group invite, too strong to group.
I only need 2 hits to kill 2 skulls mobs same lv, every mobs i killed just in 3 seconds. And just like that i lv up, 3 seconds one mob. And don’t forget that WH skills very fast cooldown. So, what reason to group anymore?

At lv40 im able to solo two 3 skulls mobs same lv at time and don’t even need potions.

Its all about your build, if you ever feel weak just because your build is broken. I will not give my build to ya, its all your. I have to create, delete, create and delete tooooo many times to understand how WH work.

All ya think SW is very strong, it’s totally wrong. You will know until you success on your WH build. I recommend gun build first, bow path very hard to build so try it later.

Every classes have it advantages and disadvantages, but once you succeed on WH you will see Devs put alot of love into WH class.

Just one thing, WH is strongest class i ever played.