Inventory Management

One thing that puts me off when trying new games, is when within the first few minutes the inventory is full.
Between crafting reagents, quest items, equipment, and random loot or trash items and not having yet a full understanding or what is needed vs what can be safely destroyed or sold, and having very limited bag slots or not knowing where to sell the different item types, overall it can be frustrating.

A balance between the average quantity of items that are acquired / hour vs the default inventory slots would mean that ideally we would be able to explore and enjoy the game without such a bottleneck, at least when starting.

What are your experiences and thoughts?


Agree with you on this one. Especially at the beginning of the game, you should be able to learn what items are needed before having to sell them.

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I like the idea of a “Sell all Junk” function for items that are dropped strictly for gold. Better yet, just don’t have these junk items and just drop gold instead!

Possibly have quest items color-coded:
Red = Key quest not completed
Yellow = Repeatable quest item
Green = Key quest completed

Upgrade items = No color but give warning indicator that gear can be used to upgrade other items in future.

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I like it how how it was in WOW, equip bags and the option to make them bigger :slight_smile:

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Options to expand an inventory - a standard feature of almost any MMO games, even mobile ones should have it.

Not sure about trash items drop rate (I hope it would be low), but equipment may clutter the inventory up very quickly, so in my opinion Dismanle option would be great.


I think if you have trash loot and an engineer, then you ought to have an option to build a portable vendor that can be sold to. I think back to WoW and having an engineer in the RAID became priceless.

As for overall loot and inventory space, there should be an earned/purchased system that would allow for expandable storage. In leveling, we all tend to hoard more things and need more tools at the ready. With that, there should be a system of earned currency for each kill and quest completed. If that’s trash loot, then ensure that it doesn’t weigh down the inventory and stacks fairly high. That way, if your intent is to just get cash, you have an avenue for that with each kill, along with xp gain.


I don’t mind an encumbrance system if it’s not super limiting, but I do think that quest items shouldn’t count towards your item limit. If this is something I’m required to carry around solely for a side quest for xp, I don’t want to have to drop all of these consumables I’ve been hoarding to do so (it’s just been an annoyance I’ve had in multiple games especially around the lower levels).


Agree, so many games get the item drops / hour thing wrong, nothing more frustrating than having to run back and forwards for the sole purpose of unloading items


I agree and hope they use similar sorting system as ch uses bc i usually have hundreds of bank and bags slots in all mmorpg games i have played and many others don’t have sorting so u end up scrolling for days trying to find things.
Also love the lock feature on items so u dont accidentally get rid of something u need or wanted to keep… game im currently playing doesnt have lock and it ticks me off when I get button happy at vendor and sell my best weapon!


I think at the start of the games they need to make it a decent amount of storage as was said above because obviously we dont know the the important items will be.