Insane unbalancing of heroes

already in the beta we had a reformulation of some skills of arch mage, but even that was not a problem that shadow warrior is now. the hero is simply unbeatable: tank a lot of damage, his skills even without carrying the damage too high and on top with very high critics, in addition to having a very fast atake. not to mention that this unique hero in addition to all of this he has in his skills bleed, slow, stunn and one that gives an astonishing critic. i hope nerfen and keep him balanced with the other heroes, because otherwise there will only be one class in the whole game like this now, about 70% of the players are shadow warriors.

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There has been a lot of feedback on balance issues in discord. I think that devs will address these in the upcoming patches.

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Its not about unbalanced…it’s all about build…when you see an “unbeatable” SW (specially if is a dual swords one) is bcos he/she maxed initiative Wich allow him/her avoid all your attacks no matter what you do… simple as that… think is not about nerf the class … maybe devs should reconsider adapt that initiative to the reality of the game.

and the rest ? super critical, slow, stum and bleed? of course you have to nerf it and just his damage is already unbalanced but then comes the rest of his OP combo and fucks the rest. to have a notion SW has 3k of damage above any hero, that’s it already and reason to nerf it

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in my opinion If you should only dodge in your invisible mode and not criticize (or decrease the damage by at least 70%) and remove your stum and decrease the slowness time by 30%. just to start

Yeah initiative needs second look. Especially how it interacts with even slightly lower level mobs. Init is already bad on dps classes, now imagine when tanks reach the endgame and have not much use for weapons skill so they are all wounds and init.

And ofc the reason you see shadow warrior so strong right now is a combination of a few things. First of all, their early game skills that they have access to, in general, are very strong. Whereas class like engineer will take some expansion on the skill tree to become more powerful. And of course, the blades sw scales their dmg based on initiative, so they get a dps boost for dumping into a currently very effective defensive stat.

Unbeatable?? I dont think so…

It is how you build your char…

If you cant beat them… Be one of them lol… just kidding.

Wut? The blades sw scales thier dmg based on initiative??? Seriously?? I think you need to know more about the stats and how it works

I have Sw
I have Slayer
I have Arch
I have Engr
I have WH

I dont have that issue and any problem

All class are good in terms of stats build…
If Devs will nerfed that well its ok for me all i have to do is adapt … i have little secrets about stats :wink:

Developers knows that hahaha because they are the creators. All i can say Developers rocks!!! :metal::metal::metal:

yes they are great. besides not nerfiring the SW they nerfed the arch mage again in their main cure. before what I had to be able to keep farming was my cure today I don’t even have that anymore. kkkk thanks for killing my game, you are sure everyone has to use SW and fuck the other classes

want proof of how unbalanced the SW is? if you are from another class go into a duel against SW and tell me what happened.

just imagine, everyone start using shadow warrior then they nerf it! XD
rip shadow warrior market

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after this update and he doesn’t win this adjustment I’m already discredited that this adjustment will come.

I have slayer…

I killed some SW…

But if they have better gear than me i lose.

But same gear… I win…

They start making because they think that SW is the only strongest Class. But the truth is… Any class can be strong…

I have proof cause i have multiple classes atm… Even i have low gear i can make them Good in both PVE and PVP…

After i max my Archmage… Watch for it, it will be a Maw…

The developers are doing good but it is our duty to understand thier creation this game is not spoon feeding… Not like other MMORPG… Yes it has many bugs but dont look always in mistakes we also need to look at the Goodness of thier work…

I am a fan of the Devs…

Nice work! Work harder DEvs…

I’m curious to know how your class survived a critical 4k +

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If the enemy has higher accuracy than our initiative will that damge will really destroy us…

Then if the SW damge will be nerfed they will be some like more useless in pve. Rogues and hunters are really known for high crit…

Archmage is known on pure nuke Damage, AOE and CC

I have something to add…

Why WP need Initiative?? How can a gigantic Tin Man can dodge attacks?? Devs???

Why not block instead???

Yeah they have the Passive monstrous HP but why Initiative for them?

What if add some Parry, Dodge, and Block???

Or i guess that Parry Dodge and Block is all in Initiative??

Hmmm i guess thats it…

Well if thats how it works can we change the indicators?

Not only miss instead

Block for shield user
Miss for no shield.

Nice … impressive… i like it now.
Lol sorry im typing while thinking.

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Check the skill descriptions for sword sw.