Ingame UI Suggestion


I have been trying the game for 2 days now, doing slow levelling whist trying to get into the flow. As an old timers MMORPG fan, what has been promised and offered by the dev has rekindled a little sparks in me, and planned to dedicate to play this game. During this soft launching, there are few things I would like to suggest:

UI Loading time
Every touch has a very noticable delay (around 1-2 seconds), whether going to maps or checking profile, inventory, etc.

It would be nice to be able to put our own mark on the Map, with different personal symbols.

UI is great other than compare button doesn’t work for now.

Loot Notification
I use the button for navigation (not tapping), and loot notification has been a pain because when touched, you go to inventory page. During fight, it is very annoying because it takes around 2 seconds to wait for it for loading and to close it again, my HP is empty by the time I went back to the battle.

Other UI is great, I suppose. But feel free to add suggestions.

Warm regards,

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