In-game purchase


I’ve been playing WHO for a couple weeks and started to feel the need to expand my bags and have EXP boost for faster leveling.

But then I wondered, what happens to your character after soft launch? does it get erased?
if the data gets erased then do you get your money back? or is it spent for better experience during soft launch?

can’t find any information about this anywhere. anyone know the answer for this?

Characters won’t be erased nor you will lose any progress with your character. It is soft launch but you can purchase items from store without worrying about losing any of it, don’t worry about it.

I haven’t been able to make purchases… The option was there to purchase and then disappeared a few days ago.

Hello there Hydrix!

Like Neero said in his reply, you can be sure that your hard-earned progress won’t be reset even after the soft launch period ends.

Greetings Madmar.

At the moment we are experiencing issues in processing payments on the Google Play Store so we have temporarily disabled the option to make purchases until it is resolved. We will be sure to notify our Adventurers once the problem has been fixed.