Ideas for the game

Bounty system:
The game should have a system where you can hunt other player’s who have high infamy.

Make weapons craftable instead of buyable:
High-grade weapons should only be obtainable through crafting. For example, to make a dragon sword, you need to gather dragon scales and other materials to create it.

Blacksmith- Players that can craft weapons. They cannot become other sub-classes.

Alchemist- Players that can make potions. They cannot become other sub-classes.

Guild Leader- Players that lead guilds. They cannot become other sub-classes.

Quests should be side-based (ex: Making potions for a sick girl, Crafting a sword for a fellow slayer, etc). The “main” quest should be leveling up by slaying beasts, honing your sub-class abilities, and become the stronger you. In otherwords, You determine your future, not the game quests.

Ranked PVP: Like Celtic Heroes, but every time you enter the arena, you pay a fee and you fight a random player.


I like the idea of the best stuff coming from crafting. This makes crafting profitable and not just a chore. You can still do raids to gather high end materials off of bosses but the dragon doesn’t randomly drop a sword despite having no arms or something silly.

Blacksmith and alchemy are suggestions I like but I am not super fond of limiting Guild Leaders to creating a guild or having a productive craft. They should be able to craft as well. Plus, chances are most people will have alts and have their alt in the guild crafting. Its too simple of a work around so you might as well just let the leader craft still.

Love the idea of casual and ranked PvP. And for the bounty system to work that would likely mean we have open world PvP, which I love.


There was an almost perfect game. It was the Warhammer online. I would like to get it on my mobile.


Great ideas tbh. I love the idea of crafting weapons and the sub classes alot.


I would definitely like to see a satisfying one-player mode.


What game engine is going to be used ?

Will it be built from the ground up engine ?

Please say you are not going to use Unity


I believe they refer to it as the Destiny Engine. Same engine they used for the upgraded Celtic Heroes.

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Nope they haven’t announced anything regarding beta other than there will be a beta before launch and they are aiming to launch the game in early 2020. Maybe if you didn’t quit beta testing for the game Celtic Heroes would have turned out more to your liking. Destiny is their take on the Unity engine. Not really sure what your beta experience has to do with the rest of the post?

EDIT: I see you have edited your post 8 times now. I will wait to comment further until you are done and have it all tied together.

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I don’t want to beta test this game by no means

I don’t like mobile gaming or mobile gaming betas in fact I detest mobile betas I’m a pc guy

but I do like the warhammer franchise and that was my sole interest

I was just curious about the lay out and became a member of the forum to just pass by every now and then and check up on it

I had a little time before work

Far as Celtic heroes I left that game way way back and never even looked back I moved on from that game

I’m at work it’s very hard to type and edit with a phone especially with auto fill in from a iPhone

I’ll see you all in a few months when the game gets a take off and goes public for the world to see I’ll be there ready to play

I’m not much on forums or a forum guy either mostly just a reader and breezer


We will see you then!

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I am really loving the “crafting subclasses” idea. I think it would be awesome and awesome addon to it if some of the materials for eg weapons, or high ratity items wouldnt be visible in quests tab (like “you gotta gather sniff, drops from trolls in cave”) but instead you have to search for info throught-out npc’s, or a tavern wise barmen.

The Bounty system, man id love to see something like that in game. Maybe there could even be like a “Hunters Guild” where you could set contracts and take contract and the hunters could have like a rank system, so contracter could hire a specific rank of hunters (for different amount of goldies).

And for the whole bounty process, if a hunter kills player, what could be removed from player? an item, rank? And well if a player kills hunter instead, what would hunter loose? :thinking:

Seeing any crafting system whatsoever will be a huge bonus! As someone often unable to play or join raids at specific times (due to work schedules), crafting provides a brilliant alternative for solo play. I enjoyed the system used in Albion Online, where your crafting skill becomes honed for very particular items - it’s not just a generic ability. This allows for players with diverse crafting skills, which can of course impact on the availability of given items for certain classes, and have a knock-on effect in auction house as well. All things that keep us coming back for more, right? :wink:

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