I want to know if the game will be compatible with my phone

What kind of requirements does the game have? I have a Huawei y6 2019 … will the game be available on my phone as well?:slightly_smiling_face:

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We don’t know the base device requirements yet, though VR has said repeatedly that they will try to support as many devices as possible. Though I cannot say for certain, I would guess that a 2019 smartphone will probably be able to run the game fairly well.


I would be interested to see an official generalized answer on this (even a ballpark preliminary idea): what would the oldest devices/OS be that could run WH:O (easily and/or at all lol).
My phone is about to kick the bucket so I’m going to be looking for a “new” one anyway, but it’d be nice if I could pull old phone out as a dual device.

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Yep, I’m similarly stuck with two old iOS mobile devices and really hope the game will be compatible with them. Forking out the cash for upgrades right now is gonna be a bit tough … well hopefully all shall be revealed soon during beta …

Recent devices Will surely be supported… Maybe older ones with less details, but usually up to 3 years old devices should be considered for new releases…

Do ye think a Google pixel 3a xl will run it?

Nobody knows yet (other than the closed beta testers and their specific devices). I have a phone and tablet hopefully it plays well on at least 1. I tried Albion Online but stopped because it would constantly crash :frowning:

Albion runs on my phone, Soo hopefully this will, thanks for the reply Phizz