I need help WP Stats

Hello everyone its me MvK aka MustafaVonKarayel. I just started to play Warhammer: Odyssey 2 days ago. I really like it and Im playing with WP. So, Im just confused about stats. I have no ideo what should i do. I wanna play pvp and pve easly. What should I do?

  1. 2handed hammer = dps support
  2. Shield + hammer = tank support healer

Which one is the best? What is the stats of these WP types?


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2 handed is healer/dps
If you like healing play the healing spec.
If you like to tank n spank play the other spec.
WP is a good class no mather what you chose. Haven’t played to max lvl tho. So perhaps someone that played to max lvl could give you better advice.

It depends on the role you want to play.

I play as a tank, and so far, has been very good.

Whats the stats for tank spec?

wounds: 120
Accuracy: 75
Leadership: 15
Weapon skil: 35

Shield of righteusness: 6
Stoicism: 6
Sigmar’s Chosen: 5

Obviously I need a better equipment right now, but can solo a lot of 3 and 4 skulls. Take a while, but at least don’t die quite often