How would you like to see PvP in WH:O

PvP content is usually a big element to a lot of MMORPG’s and I for one am very fond of PvP content that is in Runescape, despite not playing the game in over 8 years I still find myself watching people PvP in Runescape as I find it to have a good system down. Which brings me to this.

Can we fight other players/PvP? There will PvP elements like dueling and we’re also planning open world PvP sometime in the future. - Difinitus

How would you all like to see PvP content implemented into WH:O?

Personally I would like to see it implemented as another way of gaining money, they said there will be a dueling arena which will most likely just be a fun thing that doesn’t affect gameplay but as for the open world PvP I think it would be great to see part of the map where anyone can die to a player and obtain a % of the players loot they drop on death, this might end up in high level players trying to PK lower levels but there can be a work around for this.

  1. Add a bounty system - For every kill on a player their bounty goes up. This will also discourage and encourage PvP, the player can gain money by PKing but if they keep PKing their bounty will go up meaning they drop more items on death, say the base rate is 20% drop, after they kill a player if the PKer dies they will lose 25% and it keeps going up

  2. Add a system like skulling in osrs - This system is where players can walk around in open PvP but if you attack someone unprovoked then you get skulled meaning you lose all your items if you die while the other player can attack back without getting skulled

  3. Allow open world PvP but have it restricted to levels - This could be implemented as an element for PvPers and non PvPers, there would be a tier like scale for PvP where if you PvP a lot you go up in levels and when in open world you can only attack people that are say +2/-2 of your level. So if you’re a player that doesn’t PvP you would be level 1 and a person that is level 5 PvPer can’t attack you in open world.

With all that said I definitely think in a later stage of the game, not while the game is still getting built up, PvP should become a large aspect of the game and a means to make money on the side of questing, grinding, merching, etc. To be honest I love the thought of unrestricted PvP the most but I would love to hear everyone else thoughts on how PvP should be implemented into the game.

All I want is some sort of battleground system where there is always pvp available when you want it bonus points if you can earn experience/currency through pvp

Pvp has always been the thing that keeps me interested in mmos since I really really don’t like questing and dungeons tend to get dull after running them 500 times

I’d like to have a PvP system oriented in a Guild vs Guild approach; It would create a massive quantity of PvP but not griefing. As well, I’d like to have battlegrounds or Duels avalaible in the open world. I wouldn’t implement a full loot system because it’s to harsh for the smaller or low-ranked player.

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Можно ввести арену где сражаются в дуэле. 1-1, 2-2. И на арене ввести топ игроков. Также за первые 5 мест можно давать эксклюзивные вещи.

I support your idea. An arena that is ranked with the better fighters who participate in it. The best would be paired with the best, so the arena is not a PvP random grinder.

I don’t like pvp at all. As I read most of you do like pvp. If it would be implemented in the game, it should be in a kind of arena. No rewarding system and just for fun. Just to see how strong you are against others.
The reason why I think this way, is because ppl aged from 11 years old, or younger will be a part of it to. So no bounties on someone’s head…no items taken…etc.