How long will the game test be released?

In comparison, the release time of the game is what all players expect. I would like to ask, has the test time of the game been determined? I can’t wait to download it. I haven’t logged in for about one month, waiting for the arrival of this new game.

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Hi Mr-left, a closed beta test has been confirmed for the end of this month, this will be limited to a few very activr members of the WH:O community. There is no confirmed length of time as yet for this initial bets test. It may depend on how many bugs are found.

Hello, can I qualify for the test? Ha-ha

I don’t see why not, nobody is excluded, however the first test will be very limited numbers from my understanding.

VR will be picking Closed Beta testers from the currently active community here on the forums, as well as in the official Discord server. The reasoning for that is so that they can have a small core group of players that are passionate about the game, and will not leak any content. If the closed beta was open to a lot of players, there would be a good chance that some people would not participate very much, and some people may leak content that they aren’t supposed to.

Anyone could theoretically qualify to be invited to the Closed Beta, but most likely it will be players who are actively interacting with the community on the Forums and Discord…the devs need to know you first!

I don’t think there has been any official word about how long the testing will take - most likely it depends on how the testing goes. If the testers find a lot of bugs or there are a lot of complaints about the gameplay, then VR may take more time to fix bugs and maybe change the gameplay.

Celtic hero, I haven’t logged in for a long time. This game is the only expectation at present. If I don’t get the test quota, I think I am sad. lol

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