How far away is BETA release?

Without much gameplay footage or content information released all we have to discuss is release dates.

When do you expect BETA release?

I am thinking sometime in July 2020. But it would not surprise me if its not until October or later. Lack of new information makes me think that it is not being worked on and the developers are instead focusing on CH

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I doubt they would push aside their new game for some update in CH as this game’s release is far more important. They have begun play testing the game which signals that the beta is near so sometime this summer most likely.

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Who knows i’m just speculating. How do you know they have begun alpha testing? I haven’t read this anywhere

Difinitus said so a couple weeks ago now about on the discord

Update: Invite only closed Beta commencing end of July :blush:

End of july😃, i wish we can get the access

Actually It’s coming next week for some lucky people who are chosen.

Nah I believe the developers stated that invites will be sent next week, but the beta itself won’t start until later in the month

Hope it’s soon.I can’t wait!

End of july? Thats how i understand the news.

Everyone seems to be confusing the two - there are two distinct stages (as stated in Difi’s post).

  1. VR will be reaching out to potential closed beta testers (of which there will only be a smaller number as stated in the past) this week (and probably next week as well).
  2. Closed beta will be starting around the end of July. My guess is Monday the 27th, or perhaps the 24th (the previous Friday).
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I pre-registered time I heard about this new one since playing CH boy of boy the anticipation of waiting will make it all worth while!!! Can’t wait!!!:stuck_out_tongue::crazy_face::nerd_face:

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