Honest opinion about the game balance


Here is a list of issues that will improve the players quality of life if the devs look at the forum as a source of bug-tracking / balance fix (since there is none in-game):

  • Equipment availability is way too little and if there is any piece that is helpful is way too expensive and the level required is way off the zone average, leaving the player with a level 3 piece at level 13 for example…

  • Enemies are cramped in corridors making it sometimes impossible to walk through without wrecking your equipment and with the combat being so 1v1 static and slow paced it makes it really difficult to enjoy the experience (this gets in the forest)

As the enemies respawn time is very short, one does not have sometimes time to even recover to keep pushing, and you could easily find yourself being killed by a mob you killed 5 seconds ago while resting or engaging to some other mob because you have to push through. This is really frustrating, mostly considering how steep the game gets at lvl 15+

  • Zone balance: i was so excited at my arrival to Drakwald! exploring a new are in a new game is such a great feeling, feeling that got killed by a sudden crazy steep of 5+ difference of the mobs i was killing… it goes from lvl 12 mobs to lvl 22 and the quest-log claims is for lvl 14… Letting the players no other option than face a ton of hours of super fun Deer grinding. This is by far the most underwhelming of all feels, being forced to grind in a broken zone when you just literally started the game (also being beaten up to bits and spending all your money in repairs).

  • Food and drinks, great mechanic but it could be better if drinking and eating was possible at the same time, instead, the player is forced to pay the price of 3 food items for the food that recharges both life and energy… This could be great if at least i could rest without mobs spawning on me halfway through a death corridor…

  • Jump? why add jumping when there is absolutely no use for it, paths are rigged and invisible obstacles are all over the place, add jump for a chance of free roam otherwise take it off.

  • Camera control could allow to zoom out more, the FOV that is gives is really narrow, making it difficult sometimes to understand what is happening

  • Button layout it will be nice to have separate buttons for potions so it will be easier to use them (aside of the main ones i mean)

I’ve just started the game, and considering the fact that this is a soft release I was glad to be able to play but this is my opinion so far, would i keep playing? i will. For how long? unless some news or devs notes get released… I don’t think i will play much longer, untill it gets properly released of course.