[Heathens] join our active and growing PvX Company today!

Guild Leader: Grim

Let’s be honest for a second … nothing is worse than playing an MMO and struggling to find a decent party when you finally kick back to enjoy some gaming. Right?! While we totally embrace our global WH:O community, [Heathens] boasts a leadership based in the EU timezones, for which we will prioritize our raids, general gaming activity and guild events. (We are not exclusive and welcome gamers from other regions too, should they wish to check out our community.)

Our current leadership has ten years of experience leading companies / guilds in other MMORPG’s, and can provide the stability and guidance that comes with that background. We bring no baggage into this game and are as excited as you to explore what Warhammer will offer and to become involved in a brand new community right from the game’s launch. We are super easy going, of course ask for the basic respect to fellow members that most guilds require anyway (the don’t-be-a-dick clause!), and hope we will have fun mastering WH:O together.

We offer:

  • Our own Discord server - meet our EU community, conduct (optional) voice raids together, engage in WH:O discussions

  • The opportunity to help build a brand new guild and advance to leadership

  • A prioritization of European Union time zones in organizing our activities

  • A mutual support system to grind for end-game at launch

  • Leadership willing to coordinate balanced raiding parties

  • Awww hell, FUN, dammit! Remember to pack your sense of humour and some sandwiches before raiding times

We look forward to meeting you! Feel free to join just to check out the scene, if you’re not sure yet.


Still recruiting for [Heathens]! Come ride out the quarantine and wait for WH:O launch by chatting with us in our Discord server. Everyone’s welcome :slight_smile: