[Heathens] is not currently recruiting - watch this space

Guild Leader: Grim

Heathens is a regiment of dedicated players, ages 18+ only.

We will be rolling on the NEW server, not Taal, scheduled for launch on the 22nd of February.

Our aim is to clear the hardest content and be the best of the best.
Our membership includes players from previous MMORPG’s and a leadership team that have ran / lead raid guilds in multiple MMORPG’s for years.

We are currently pausing regiment recruitment with a sufficient player base to engage content on global release.

However, we will re-open for new applications in the future, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on the official Discord server


We are still recruiting! Please note: we will be joining the new server that’s scheduled for launch on the 22nd of Feb (NOT the Taal server)

Join our Discord today and meet the team.

I want to join Heathens! Im level 12 but I’ll be 15 today. Also Im sending my best regards to Silenttrain

My nickname is MustafaVonKarayel

Hey @MustafaVonKarayel!

If you haven’t been assisted by a Heathens or More Heathens member in-game yet, please contact me on Discord at:

We still have some space in the second regiment, where you’ll find more lower level characters you can group with.