Group dynamics!

As an old school mmorpg guy, I lived how Everquest required group interactions. Yes you could solo, but everything was better as a group. Pantheon now is using the same model to build relationships and require cooperation. I personally like this methodology because there is no king class and everyone can add value. What are your thoughts on group dynamics? Do you prefer to solo or do you see value in group interactions to build relationships that could hold games like this together for longer and their expected game play.


I think grouping is an important dynamic in mmorpgs, but it can be overdone. I think you should be able to solo most daily quests and even grind through some levels etc on your own, but Big Baddies should definitely be a party task and there should be some incentive to group leveling (beyond the fact it’s the most fun way to level lol).
I’m really interested in how they set up the group mechanics.
(could go into opinions on pros/cons, but we’ve been over that enough and that’d digress a bit).

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I like to play mmorpg for a lot of reasons but one of the most important is the social interaction in guilds and dungeons. But I prefer it only in the dungeons and maybe in some special bosses in the open map, but not for level up or questing in the open world because players have diferent rhythms and parties are disbanded fast, losing a lot of time to find people just to gain 5% exp or something like that.
I think the plus of playing in group can be done searching a group in dungeons where you need a balanced party to finish it or otherwise it will be almost imposible, then you force people to find friends of other classes, etc. Hard dungeons, diferent roles.

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Most of the group interactions should definitely take place within dungeons which tend to be more group oriented. When it comes to grinding and leveling it should be soloable with the option of forming a group with friends or something. Open world bosses should require a group, but not a closely nit group required for dungeons. Open world bosses should be something where strangers come together to take down a common enemy, anyone can participate and earn something.

Overall, there should be a good balance of both solo and group content at all levels within the game, because there tends to be a good balance of players between the two sides and players who enjoy both.