Global Chat Function?

Would you guys like to see a global chat where everyone on the server can chat. communicate etc.?

This would be my preference, as all games I have played long term including on mobile (i.e. the original clash of clans) I have enjoyed chatting in global chat, recruiting for my guild etc. I feel like it is a big part of an MMO


@Achilles Yeh definitely, it’s the fastest way to get to know the full playing community on your server. And doubtless there will be the option to disable global chat for those who don’t want to be distracted by it. I find you also learn a TON about a new game you start playing simply by reading general tips and comments in global chats.


Yes but not really,
Yes because its really great, chatting globally is a part of MMORPG, uhmm you know, active and healthy community really affects the game, feels dead or just a RPG if its quiet, sadly what I encounter in Sword Art Online:Integral Factor.
But i prefer different chat channel for guild recruitment and trading(if there is) if this will cause flooding sorry.

Yeah global chat makes the game feel more active and alive, but i agree if not moderated, depending on the user base it can become toxic if left unkept.

Judging by the discord though the player base seems to be well behaved.

Global chats turn into a cesspool and takes up tones of moderation, so money, to keep clean. Zone chat is bad enough and needed.

Nah I disagree, its quite easy to throw the ban hammer onto trolls, also warhammer won’t be a casual game, so you won’t have many kiddies hanging around

I’m not really into Global chat with how it clutters the UI which also hard to moderate with unnecessary convo such as spam

You can minimise chat so that it doesn’t appear on the UI based on the screen shots we have been provided