Give me your "acceptable" cash-shop item list!

Here is a list and some description of some things that could be sold that would likely sell very well on the cash shop and not impact gameplay all that much:

  • Pets - They can create many pets like dogs, cats, mechanical pets the Engineers can make and possibly even our own personal Bard or “Rememberer” who would be there by our side to document our heroic deaths!
  • Mounts - Each race can have a specif mount to the race and then maybe each class can have it catered to them. They should sell the ability to ride other races mounts and sell them in multiple colors.
  • Skins - They could sell skins for our weapons, for our armors, and for our off-hands. Maybe even sell some cool robes or cloaks.
  • Body Modifications - Maybe sell some cash-shop specific hairstyles, piercings, facial hair and even Slayer tattoos.
  • Audio Enhancements - No mobile MMO has really delved into is it worth it to allow players to have different audio on their end. It wouldn’t affect other players but on your own phone maybe the character can sound different, have different shouts or even have their spells and abilities sound different.
  • Renaming - The ability to rename your character doesn’t change the game for anyone but its something that every game tends to have in their cash shops.

Any cosmetic is acceptable and welcome. But not random lootboxes, I hate them.


I view loot boxes as gambling more or less. I don’t like them and I think it is a cheap payday that abuses the buying impulse of people who tend to not be able to afford it.


No Shop. Just unlock item by playing. I want unlock all item by playing not with my money.


There is going to be a shop in game. The developers have stated that they want it to be low key and non essential.


I like the cosmetics like wings, fashion, fashions with effect.
I would love to see dragon pet or mount.
weapon transmogrifications to change what weapons or shields etc can look like maybe even mount transmog to change appearance of a mount but keep the desired stats.
Consumables elixirs, potions, Reskill tool. Fishing items cooking items.


Plese make the things in the shop can also be gather through the gameplay

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Shop items should not include pets if they fight, heal or help you in any way. If they just walk beside you and look awesome then put 100 kinds in the shop. Lol. If they help gameplay they should be earned instead. Mounts should be the same imo. If they go the speed a toon does on its own then make dozens of mount options. If they increase one’s speed then they should be earned in the game. Putting items in the shop that improve a toon’s powers/abilities etc is what creates power and ability imbalances in a game that eventually runs off players and kills it imo.

If I can just fork out some cash and buy my way to the most powerful toons in the game, I (along with some others who did the same) can then control the ability of other players to become as powerful through normal game play methods.


No offense Briggs but I have to disagree. Besides pets will be able to be earned though in game play such as dailies that you can earn a currency to buy mounts/pets and mount/pet upgrades ideally anyone could earn the best if they continuously play long enough or they can pay to have those upgrades fast and effortless. Essentially you can still buy these items from other players for in-game currency. So you still have access to them by earning in game currency. Most players in Celtic Heroes who dominate the markets never payed to play they play smart and they play often. They go to world bosses they have a character of each class they have the best end game items and they have more gold than you could fathom.they win their own drops and players who pay to “win” would literally have to pay tens of thousands to get the currency needed to buy what they have earned in game over the last eight years. Just so you know.
The devs who created that game are working on this one so whatever there is from the shop understand that it works out just play smart and play often

Было бы круто если бы они сделали как в Albion online. То что рынок полностью зависит от игроков. Но только где-то через месяц после запуска. Что игроки по достигали каких-либо уровней

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Вы хотите, чтобы достижение максимального уровня заняло один месяц, или вы хотите, чтобы игра сбрасывала вещи через несколько месяцев, как это делают в Albion Online?

Я говорю про рынок этой игры. Переводчик не правильно перевел

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Before you can truly answer this question you must first ask yourself, how do you prefer to pay for an great MMO, Nobody really makes these games for free, yes they enjoy making them as they are artists and producers of entertainment. So if we pay subscription base, then I would agree to limit ship items to non-essentials and cosmetic type items and even non game changing items… even potions would be acceptable. If it becomes a coin platform, most mobiles are this. Restrictions need to be placed so items are balanced and nothing overpowering, no discontinuation of an item, need that fine balance between economy and the P2W. Nothing like seeing an item that changes the End Game so much that it tilts the world economy.


I don’t mind putting a little cash into a game. But it shouldn’t be a money drain ;(
Also I like to see you can earn things you need in the game. Gaming should be fun, not a war for things that go to a dominating server group/clan/guild. I think everyone who plays need to have a go at it to get the things he/she needs to proceed in game.
I also think shops will be there to buy stuff with the currency devs implement.
Warhammer in all it’s forms is totally new to me so I hope I contributed with this post.


Hope it does not follow the micro ding of most mobile games. Pls stick to cosmetics and convince items. I’m fine with them only really.

Cosmetics only;
If something similar to CH is implemented I would be very happy:
Elixers (items that provide temp boosts that make life much easier) that can only be gained from the shop (most obtain through chests that can contain most “premium” items), but can be traded for in-game currency meaning that they’re available for free-to-play players.
Perhaps pets/mounts, but I don’t know think that’d go over well at the start especially mounts; movement speed boosting things will hopefully be saved for when the game expands and the maps take longer to traverse.
I like the idea of extra audio bits, (hoping the music is fun too, but it probably will eventually get muted if too repetive lol) extra animations too.
Name changes, meh I feel like just giving the option to rename your character once within the first week or so would cover most of this (typos etc.), don’t know that I want it to be a permanent option.

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No elixir type items please. Premium consumables have been a mistake from the start in CH

Ah, didn’t clarify my thinking on that. At first, yeah no; the game hopefully isn’t going to be LONG enough for lixs. Thinking along the same lines as mounts; when the game gets longer, to give a curve-flattening effect.

I would like to see mainly cosmetics costumes, chat color, color of animation skills, emotions, if there was a market in the city, you could sell an additional trading shop for selling loot, paint for weapons and armor, skins with weapon animation, emoji, kil chat in pvp it would look not badly distinguishing you,one could sell a cloak of a private property that would hide your nickname and information. yes in extreme cases, enter the battle pass with the above and do not worry)

In general I am a FTP player but I have paid up for the following items:

  • Cosmetics (base decor, character effects)
  • Items to speed up progression
  • Change name / gender / class without losing XP

I agree with the fact that all pets / mounts / items should be obtainable by all players but it would take a noticeable amount of time to obtain these (I really liked the CH pet / mount favors idea).

In games that have been PTW I see the top players are those who dropped the most amount of money but then get bored and quit.