Gender Question

Will the classes be gender locked?

They most likely will for a few reasons. Dwarf Slayers are almost certainly going to be male only in general. On top of that if they gender lock the classes it means they don’t have to double the art and animations for every single armor set they introduce into the game which not only means they can pump out art faster, but it also will cost less. If they had to pump more money into things like art than necessary I would expect, as a player, to see more time being focuses making money in the cash shop.

I hope it. And I would like to see customization!

At least make some of the classes not gender locked such as the Witch Hunter. Only classes I’m willing to play as a female are druids and mages.

Art assists can be a big concern for sure, especially in a mobile game where you have to keep the installed size small to fit on a mobile device. I can see a female Warrior Priest, for example, having art like a Sister of Sigmar, but it would be so different from the males that they would have to do everything twice for one class. I’d prefer getting to choose my gender for any class, but I can certainly understand why they might choose not to do that.

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Devs confirmed on Discord that at launch the classes will be gender locked but it’s something they hope to open up as time goes on.


Follow up question, can you play as destruction side like in AoR?

No you cannot. At least not at launch. They have announced the 6 classes we will have access to. It looks like Marienburg is going to be the main hub city we se me and it would be weird to see the destro classes hanging out there as well.

Everythings will be okay of its canonical with warhammer lore, if not its heeeeeeresy!!!

Its a MMORPG so there is no way they are going to stick to the lore 100%. When our Slayers die in battle they aren’t go to stay dead, hahaha.

It’s not like we have a CERTAIN slayer who refuses to die no matter what in canon.

I just started reading his books. I think I might stop and read all the Dwarf-based ones first and then go to his.

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His is less dwarf and more “freelancer” based. You won’t get a good picture of dwarfen society from the slayer books, only the parts where he happens to interact with it in his travels.

I don’t want to play woman, i like identify me to the personnage and i am a men =D

The Witch Hunter is female though isn’t it?

Okay so…By the sounds of what you’re describing; there’s gender locking, No Chaos side…so probably no PVP either? Annndd one town in the game which will be the central hub to launch instances from?..YAWN. This sounds like another shameless lazy uninspired cash grab mobile title that blends in with the rest of them, only with a Warhammer paint job this time. Come on Devs. Do something different, Be the one to stand out. If you’re interested in making money, the ironic thing is; You’d make -more- if you make a better product that stands out from the crowd of garbage we have lately. Correct me if I am wrong in my assumptions, but I have played next to everything, and I can smell this coming from a mile away from the way this is being described. Game isnt even out yet and Im already planning forecasting an uninstall.

I can understand some story related gender locking, as some of it is canon, but theres no reason you cant play as a female witch hunter, or what have you. Give us a Chaos/destro side! I dont wanna duel other Order guys in PVP, I want a big ass Destro vs Order faction war. Thats what warhammer is about. Cutting corners so you dont have to make certain armors and animation sets sounds like laziness to me, not a team who actually cares about its game or players, just about money.

Put a -world- in the game with several towns to explore. Not one town! Put some effort in, let us go without gender locking, except with the very FEW lore canon examples there are. Come on now, devs. If you actually TRY to make a good product, you’ll rake in loads more cash, rather than have a game that people install and play for a about a month and forget about. Break the mold, Give us something new, not another hub world instance simulator. Hell, even cheap Chinese wow clone garbage, like War of Kings, a mobile title I might add, can pull this stuff off.You were already on a good track by telling us, there will be no auto bullshit, dont throw it in the trash. Please.

They never said there won’t be PvP. They said the idea is to make PVE strong to start. Also, I don’t understand how people can be mad there isn’t something they never advertised. Every announcement that came out for this game literally wrote 6 classes at launch.

On top of that the feature that stands out right now is that there is no auto and it’s inside the Warhammer world. Your World of Kings game is dripping with auto. That is boring and to me any game with auto is a cash grab. Less time moving characters around and fighting means more time spent in the cash shop. The cash shop items in this game will be low key and non essential. That doesn’t seem very cash grabby at all. They have made one other MMORPG and that is Celtic Heroes and it’s also way less cash grabby then other games on the market.

Be constructive without being dramatic is probably the best way to get your point across to any developer.

I am being constructive, I suggested doing something good.

Also I hate World of Kings, it’s not “my” world of kings. It’s garbage, but atleast it has genders and races, and classes, with pvp, and more than one town. My point is, If a cheap chinese wow clone can pull it off, why cant this game?

I will go through your other post line by line for you and point out where were being dramatic instead of just constructive. For now though, to reply to your most recent post, here is my response:

It is great that World of Kings has genders. How much money was spent on World of Kings? How big is their development team? The team here is between 10-20 people total. It isn’t a large team working on a large budget making a cheap cash shop game where they put autoplay into the game so you can spend time browsing the shop. They made Celtic Heroes which a lot of people love because it wasn’t spending dependent to keep up with. And again, if you took the time to read the other posts around here gender locking is likely going to be a thing through launch but it is possible they will be able to change that down the road.

If you want to be constructive, knowing its a smaller team on a not unlimited budget, share where you would suggest they cut from to take the time to add double the animations and art. You have to take away from somewhere to add somewhere else.

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  1. Dramatic and not constructive at all. Especially when you made it clear you haven’t kept up with news about about the game or any of the information released.

  2. How can a game that will be open world, have non-essential cash shop items and have no auto play blend in with all of the same games that have been coming out? Other games require you to use the cash shop to really advance. Other games require the use of auto to advance. You keep pointing out differences between World of Kings and Warhammer: Odyssey but then claim Warhammer: Odyssey is going to blend in and be more of the same. This is not solid logic.

  3. If you have played Celtic Heroes, the other game they made, explain how that is just like everything else out right now. Because I have also played just about everything from Pocket Legends, World of Magic all the way to BDM coming out in a few months and most of them are games that push the cash shop. All of the newer MMOs make heavy use of auto play. If this game at its core isn’t being developed to follow these same trends how can you possibly say its more of the same?

  4. Ultra dramatic and not constructive at all. Considering no mobile game typically sits on a persons device forever you can forecast an uninstall for literally every game ever. At some point you will give it up.

  5. Disagree and you are only thinking in terms of “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning”. Warhammer isn’t even close to Order vs Destruction. Not even close. There are a plethora of examples of your “Order” faction vs other “Order” factions. Gotrek is probably one of the most famous Warhammer fantasy character to exist and he fights many different races including those of even Dwarf.

  6. The money isn’t unlimited. Corners are cut in literally every game. There is a trade. If you want the game to push back another 6 months before launch to develop every feature you would enjoy then they might need more funding. If they need more funding the company funding might want a quick return on their investment and thus lead to heavier cash shop. I don’t want that. Most people who come here and to the discord want to not live in the cash shop.

  7. They never said one town. There will be a big hub because that literally makes sense lore-wise to have a place where a lot of people are often going to and can trade but they never said they will only have one place to meet at. This is no different than most people at WoW launch spending time in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, etc. Those are main places to do business and trade but you go elsewhere.

  8. The mold currently is auto play cash shop with flashy art and animations. Does this sound like this game they are advertising? If you admit that this doesn’t sound like this game than this would definitely not fit in with the mold on mobile.

  9. This will be an open world game per the developers.

  10. World of Kings added literally nothing new compared to Crusaders of Light, Royal Blood, Talion and about thirty other newer MMORPGs. Black Desert Online Mobile coming out in a few months globally is adding nothing new that any of these games have. Warhammer: Odyssey isn’t following the same decisions as these games. You want Age of Reckoning on mobile and that is a pipe dream. I would suggest just playing it on PC. It can still be fun at times.

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