Game abandoned by devs

there are so many bugs and yet the last patch was march 8 after that not a single word,
even cash shop is broken and no fix (wich i believe would be a priority).
arch mage march update says they fixed infusing orb and yet it still bugged and it does cause the 10% max hp self damage but 0 energy recovery(nice fix btw), slayer doon is bugged as hell, damage amp stated at max lv 2% per doon stack and we get no more than 15-20% even if you have 500 stacks, mostly class lv up eff is broken, arch mage is no diff overcast base amp is 100% pus lving 90% and wich in a world where mat 1+1=2 would be 190% total amp at 100% and you get a lil bit over 100%, enginer is the most bugged class i`ve played, turred damage is so weak but stated 125% of your status at max lv, yet a simple basic atack deals 3x more damage than it.

Yeah, it does seem the lack of communication and transparency is killing this game. Friday night and a total of 15 people in the wastelands is not a good sign. Groups are a dying breed, and I’m not even going to bother with 2x exp anymore. It’s a shame, because the core of this game and the mechanics are great. However, the bugs, lack of streamlined quests, class inequalities are leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths and there is no word from the other side. I really enjoy this game, but being one of a few people on at any given time is killing it for me now. They really should have waited to release this game, or at the very minimum have been aware of the issues and had plans already in the works to fix them and communicate with the player base

The mechanics for pretty much all classes are broken - what part about that is great, exactly?

This is just like what happened with Celtic hero’s. The devs think they’re gods that don’t have to communicate with their player bade. They keep everyone in the dark and don’t care about us. They’re a horrible company

Prior to the VR overhaul of Celtic heroes. The developers would be very communicative. We had Muldar and equinox who would always keep us in the loop on the forums and were so fun to engage with!

Difinitus or “Tyler” the dictator from star citizen. is no fun at all. If anyone says anything that he doesnt like, he times them out or deletes their comments on discord. Same shit he pulled over on the SC forums.

The issue here is the current community manager, He barely communicates over what the developers need to hear and what the developers want us to hear. He gives us absent minded comments that feel like he doesn’t care and its another day “in the office”.

We want change? We need to fix the communication bridge between us and the developers, aka in this case tearing it down to rebuild anew.

Your time is nigh @Diffinitus