Free server! (Epona)

Looking to form a FREE server like Epona from Celtic Heroes. For those of you who dont know celtic heroes Epona Rules, I will go through a summary of their situation. Epona is a Free server Where boss drops can be tradable and sold to anyone Freely as you desire. Players aiming for domination play are banned from rolling. This has helped my server prosper and thrive and ultimately become the leading server with not only population increasing steadily and rapid economic growth but when a new boss gets released like dino we became the first server to kill it and learn its mechanics and kill it regularly. We have more bloodthorn and dhiothou drops and schedule boss times to work with as many people as we can. We use the in game dice to roll for class drops in a raid and as well as universal. Classes roll agains other players of the same class for a casino type loot reward system highest rolls win. For a universal drop all classes or players roll. Players who are logged on multiple devices can only choose one class or character to roll for to make things fair. If this rule is broken players can be banned from rolling at bosses. When you engage a boss all the players who are visibly there when the fight starts are eligible for rolling anybody who is late May help but will be ineligible for a roll. I know this is a rather large summary but you should really see the rules epona has created. I’m still not sure if the bosses will be world bosses like in Celtic Heroes but if that is the case this will set us up for a successful server with plenty of players and good economy please any and all who are interested in setting up a server for success and not having to try and try many servers til you find the right one lets band together and create it ourselves. Im hoping for the best. Comment below if you are interested in this or want to know more I’m open for ideas and help to make this happen.


Heya, I agree with your idea, let’s hope Epona’s people wanna join. If not it will get hard


Late to see this, but I think I’m gonna stick with what I said on the other loot distribution post:
Let’s see how it works in-game before we come up with our own system maybe. :slight_smile:

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That would be great. I have played epona before. If you want anyhelp i could possibly help. Idk

Great way to keep a server running and stop the top guilds from farming the crap out of the bosses after dragon gear,which I have a full set haven’t played Celtic Hero’s in a long while due to not being able to progress getting locked out of much needed boss mats. Looking forward to this game most definitely,hopefully the auto farming won’t ever be added nor questing for that matter.

Difinitus said during the AMA that they’re looking to do a need/greed rolling system for loot, which is what Epona uses in CH. Which basically tells me that no, players won’t be able to control how loot is distributed and lock players out of content like what you see in CH.

If it’s the actual method of loot distribution, it’s likely going to be even more fair than Epona’s system, because Epona’s system is still fallible.

I’m also curious to see what Difinitus meant by a need/greed system. There seems to be a couple different ways that could be implemented, depending on how the rest of the gameplay works.

Yeah it’ll be more fair because it won’t be controlled by players since there will be a built in rolling system. When it’s controlled by players there’ll always be problems.

I think by need/greed he means you can either roll because you need the drop or roll because of greed, which likely means drops won’t be limited to a small group like in CH and everyone who participates can roll for needs/greed. Some people might flinch at the sound of greed, but it’s not so bad in this situation. Greed in rolling basically means the market will be open and players can buy/sell whatever they want which is good.