FPS/PING how would this balance

Now I know many games FPS/PING has an advantage but I’m curious to this question.

If so how would you make it balance if there in an advantage with FPS/PING?

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Could you be more specific? Usually MMORPGs deal with this by having region based servers like EU, SEA, NA.

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Those with better ping even in EU servers would they have better advantage to those who has higher ping. Example most games I play I have 15 ping and 60fps and I play on iPhone X. Those who play iPads have more FPS. And those with better ping would have an advantage through ping system right? Or well balanced throughout?

Most games lock at 60FPS. Your iPhone should be able to run this at a frame rate near that. As for ping, I can’t help you there if your connection isn’t good. Lower ping and higher FPS almost always has an advantage but the FPS isn’t going to be game breaking. If your ping is horrible you are likely going to stand in red circles and bug attacks but you will think you got out of it.

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Если пинг высокий то смысла играть в игру нет.