Fixes of unstable client and most of old issues. When?

I saw the news about new content and all, but what about game stability? Or another old issues?

  1. Lot of crashes in first town location.
  2. Long time response from server is affect game client’s work, freezes of screen after each mobs deaths. Maybe its becasue of high load but why the client is reacting like this?
  3. Pretty often issues with endless loading while changing locations.
  4. Collecting items quests issues (can’t interract with items before reloading)
  5. “Authorisation failed” most often error. What about big “LogOff” button? If we want to instant disconnect from server and reenter in game without this error.
  6. GUI issues with long opening of inventory and often missclicking on
    pop-up notifiсations of “loot” or “coins” from mobs.
  7. Party interraction is still in progress? I need to see HP bars under nicknames of my team mates. I need to easy-target they while tap on nicknames. As a healer i need bigger camera angle.

When this things will be fixed? Before or after ingame shop start to work?

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