Equipment Durability

I have read almost all of the AMA’S and I don’t recall anything about if the game will use the equipment durability function found in many games. Im not sure about you but I hate when items can be broken. I don’t mind upkeep and repair as long as I don’t loose the item. What are your thoughts?

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I agree, broken equipment system is so frustrating, but normally is not a typical feature in mobile mmorpg. Some of them have only a very low chance of success upgrading at high levels, but not durability. I dont know how it works in Warhammer PC games or how it will work in WO.

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I don’t see equipment durability being a thing in this game. It is a rather frustrating and annoying mechanic that’s often put in survival or RPG heavy games to add another element difficulty. Not something that belongs in an MMORPG really imo


If it’s done well, it can be fun. But I agree that all too often the crafting systems in most games is too tedious. However, if epic-tier weapons have infinite durability and repairing (vs making new items) isn’t too hard it can be a fun little bit of realism.

Like has been said by Zkills, weapon durability isn’t really an mmorpg characterisitic and i find it extremwly frustrating and pointless really. I mean if its done it needa to be a situation where weapon/armour needs repair very scarcely.

I have played some horrid survival games on mobile where items need repairing every 30 minutes

I also don’t think weapon or armor durability should be added unless VR kinda does what Guild Wars 2 did by adding armor durability but you can’t loss your armor when it’s broken and you don’t need to repair it much. Even if VR does add weapon or armor durability I don’t think it would be a big deal because it’s just adding a bit of complexity to the game.