Engineer Skilltree

Hi guy’s! I m trying around with skills/ skilltrees or even switching between rifle and hammer/ pistol… atm I m lvl31 but I need better skill inscriptions. So I ask you: what you are using! And why!?! I hope your experience are better then mine :wink: thx for answering! Cya in game; JKH

Powder smith with lvl 6 aimed shot. Lvl 4 concusive shot and lvl 5 focus shot. Weapon skill main stat, followed by accuracy, decent wounds, and just enough leadership.
Skiping initiative and focus stats because 1. Dwarvens are not known for their agility and 2. Focus gives minimal benefits and it meant to be used for machine smiths to begin with.
So im a big damage dealer, planning on lvl up concusive shot because thats your “save” skill to survive. And using certain terrains as advantage with my attack range is also key. Using turrets to lure and weaken a foe first is also a good strategy.

This build is pretty straight forward kill 1 target with high dmg.
But you can stretch your skills and advantages to take down multiple enemies relatively fast.
Example: Stun an enemy attacking you then switch to a target distracted and weakened by a turret to kill it and charge scrap before the turret time is over and then finish off the stunned target.

I also have a Machine smith. This spec is more complicated since machine smiths do use focus stats.
But you still want to have more weapon skill over focus or at least balance them. Have just enough accuracy to not miss many hits. And have decent wounds stats to be able to take hits, your taunt turret will need it too. As for leadership keep energy at good levels.

As for abilities i am making an AoE controller build. With lvl 6 buckshot for area dmg, lvl 5 wall construct for tanking and gathering mobs, and currently lvl 3 firebreath turret for damaging gathered mobs over time in the area. Take lvl 1 upgrade construct ability to boost either wall turret or fire turret as you see fit.
Next take passive ability that gives 2 more seconds of duration for all constructs, this will give your turrets more life time and it will lower your energy consumption rate in the long run.

Not using concusive shot for obvious reasons, and that is wall turret fullfills the function of stun wich is preventing the target from attacking you. Lvl 5 wall turret will give it max duration.

So basically this build is for “gather all and kill them all” playstyle.
Firebreath turrets will weaken mobs enough for you to finish them off with a the 3 charged scarps Buckshot, you can keep delivering aimed shots and mallet hits to weaken them in equal while charging your buckshot this requires skillfull target switching.
Your wall construct is key point on this build and so is your ability to position constructs and yourself before releasing the buckshot so it can hit all mobs.
Even for a low armor stat engineer this build has higher survival potential than other classes that are not tanks, thats as long as you have energy to place wall construct.
Its great to pair with any other class as you will give them a break time to heal while your wall turret sucks all the dmg.

So far this build lets me go par on par with 2-4 mobs my level.