Engineer crafting


Ahhh yes, Valaya got it 100% right … nothing like a decent mug of ale while in combat :laughing: This may turn out to be the most interesting class to play. Could be a game changer in combat. Looking forward to trying it out.

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So, kinda Single target/AoE damage/CC/Buff/Taunt functions of the turret. Utility class at its best.

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Nice to see an update

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Soga you just named all functions of a support class

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Seems like the engineer will be able to choose between having a decent amount of dps or playing more like a support. It seems like a very interesting class.

This early update got me pretty excited, engineers will probably be the most exciting and obviously versatile class

Wow how could i miss this update. Those turrets look amazing! I think the engineer could be the most complex class in regards of where do i have to place the turrets in order to do the most dps/ have the highest support effect.

Maybe an idea for further development: A Questsline which changes the visual of the turrets. This could be fun for special events like Easter,Christmas etc. It would also provide additional gameplay for Endgame players and new players alike.


is there more information about crafting?

I don’t think I’ve seen anything about full-blown crafting being a feature in the game. However, it’s possible that there might be some sort of basic crafting system.

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I think, and don’t quote me on this, I’m the AMA Difinitus said the devs are looking at adding a crafting system sometime after release. I’d rather them focus on the actual world/questing experience for now then crafting

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Here is the relevant information from the AMA about crafting. However, keep in mind that this was half a year ago - it’s possible that their plans have changes since then.

Your a big help man, thanks✌️

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I want to be a fisherman😂

Thank you . …

Thank you …