Dual blade evade build

Hello i am ShadowLord in renald still lvl 18
I am still new here. I build dual blade as rogue. So i put my stat more for evade. I can solo boss lvl 4-8 with use energy potion as it drain a lot. Here my stat and eq. Hope u can share ur build too!

I also went Path of the Silent Blade, but my build focuses on my opener.

I’ve put 15 AP into Vengeful Spirit. This means in stealth, I deal 100% additional damage.
I’m now working on putting 15 AP into Embrace the Shadows, which puts my 15 second stealth on a 15 second cooldown. Basically, permanent-stealth.

At level 25 I unlock Unseen Strike, which is basically my back-attack from stealth.

My rotation from there will be ‘Stealth’, wait until stealth has 1 second left then open from behind with ‘Unseen Strike’ (Critical hit!), now that stealth is off cooldown, I cast ‘Stealth’ again then instantly cast ‘Deft Strike (Critical hit!)’. This allows for 2 attacks from stealth at 100% increased damage, one from behind and one from in front of the mob (now dead).

After level 25+ with no new skills, all AP will go into buffing Deft Strike and Unseen Strike, as at present there are no further abilities to unlock, and skills like Sharpen Swords or Opportunist Strike are just a waste of time and energy.

Basically, this build allows you to two-shot any mob around your level.

As for my stats, they all go into Weapon Skill, Accuracy, and Initiative.


I like it when do stealth. We SW Dual Blade best in Crit. So we will take advantage it. I am now lvl 26 still focus on Acc + wound + initiative

Where’s your build? Please share

Hi, can you share your build, please?