Drop rates dont keep up with expenses

I feel that i cant really get gold in this game unless you get lucky and get a few drops like trash items you can then sell for a couple of silver which then gets gobbled up with food drink and repairs
Ive had grind runs i go down 10 silver after repairs and food purchase and i dont purchase expensive food either.
If at the very least repeatable quest give us some silver or trash drops that have 100% drop chance for us to sell

I dont wana have to rely on pure luck just to be able to progress in this game.
Currently at lvl 23 farming bears so perhaps it get better but skaven seem to be worse then bears with how much damage they do

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I agree with this. With the trashy drops that sell for pittance, once you do a long grind run, you get just enough so that either you can do a full repair of your equips OR get sustainable health+mana foods.
You also need to keep away some money for fast travel since it’s easy to get stuck suddenly in a zone. Like, you are grinding on level 15-16* and suddenly you find yourself facing 20-22** mobs.