Drakwald Suggestions

The first 18 levels of the game are designed well, but in the second half of Drakwald Forest, questing has a gap and players are mostly just grinding bears until 24. There’s a decent skaven chain at 20 that grants half a level, and a couple skeleton quests around 23 with a team. Not much else, so here are some suggestions.

1_A) There is an empty western path, north of the level 13 skeleton camp, south of the level 23 skeleton camp @ dragon’s fall, west of the abandoned carriage. Right next to it are some level 20-21 spiders. Put an NPC in that empty path, with a quest to kill spiders, and another quest to find the corpse of their spouse in the spider area. Turn in, some flavor text that they keep coming and she’s determined to eradicate all the spiders, etc.

1_B) Next quest is to go a little south, to the level 22 ungor pillagers. Kill them until one drops a torch. Turn back in at the npc, get a quest to go burn spider eggs by interacting with them back in the spider area.

1_C) Final quest in the chain after handing in is to return to town, and inform npc that you found and assisted the person who was in the abandoned carriage. Make these quests all have a pretty good xp reward, because lets face it - poison hurts and if the xp reward isn’t good enough, it might still be easier to just grind bears. Finishing this quest chain should award a green quality level 20 necklace or ring.

  1. There is a level 25 5 skull boss in the beastmen camp. Around him are level 20-21 bestigors and bray shaman. There should be quests to scout the area of this boss, gather items or sabotage things around the area of this boss, and kill bestigors/bray shaman. Not far from there are level 17-19 bestigors/shaman defilers. From the same NPC, perhaps a lower level quest to kill these and gather something from the area, which chains to the level 20 quests when the player is the appropriate level. Finishing this quest chain should award a green quality level 20 weapon.

The idea is that between the spider quest chain, the beastmen quest chain, and the already existing skaven quest chain, it might take players from 19-23, so you’re only grinding for maybe half of 19->20, and a small amount of 23-24 if the player can’t solo/find a team for the skeleton quests.

Completing the main level 24 quest in Drakwald Forest should award a blue level 24 weapon.

After that, you’re in Marienburg Suid which is pretty good up until about halfway through 27. I’ll make a separate post for that/Wastelands.