Dissatisfied and disappointed

Warhammer has just been released in my area, and I can’t even play it due to issues in the game. First the game freezes about every 30-60 seconds for at least 10 seconds every time. Second, about every 5 minutes the game completely crashes and then refuses to let me log back in. Even if I completely close the game out, it takes at least 2 minutes for the server to realize that I’m not still logged in and let me back on.

Update: it’s now crashing almost as soon as I log in. I can’t move or access the menu or settings or anything before it crashes again.

This game has clearly been rushed to release well before it’s time. And it’s sad that given how long they’ve been “working” on it that it would be this dysfunctional right out of the gate.

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I played the game using iOS for 10 hours straight without any crashes. I get small 2 sec freezes only when large numbers of players are around.

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maybe it’s your device, been playing with no issues minus a few freezes for maybe 3 secs. :wink:

Same here. I’m running on a Pixel 4A. No real issues.

Works fine on Pixel 5. Sometimes zoning takes ages but otherwise not a single crash in around 5 hours of playing. The most annoying aspect for me and my regiment mates is the lack of group synchronization after zoning.

Im on a brand new ipad brought in january trying to play. Randomly crashes and closes the app. Lags horrendous if you move area or come across to many people. Its a disappointing experience. Waited how long for not what i expected.

Why were expecting to be able to play this on an Ipad? Just because its new doesn’t mean it’s up to par. Apple doesn’t put the cutting edge tech in there products anymore because frankly they don’t have to. The IPhone XR that came out in late 2019 I believe had essentially the same screen that the IPhone 4 had nearly a decade earlier, you couldn’t even watch 1080p HD videos due to the abysmal screen they put on it. I will say the name they give it “Liquid Retina” is top notch makes it sound cutting edge when in turn its not. Your IPad had 4gb of ram which means only 2 to 3.5 of that is actually usable which is not suitable to run a new game in 2021 (Yes other factors affect if its able to run an app or not). With that said the single core benchmark of your new device is 1112, compare that to my 2 year old cell phones single core benchmark of 4450. Your not going to be able to run much on that device unfortunately!

I was expecting a mobile game similar to the one vr took over. Therefore one which I can chill on my ipad playing when I want. If the games not optimized for every device then so be it. Will still be a disappointment.

Might need to check your numbers because the A12 has a geekbench of 1112 but no phone has ever doubled that? Let alone quadrupled. Guessing you just got confused with multicore. Also the game has in game resolution targets 480/720/1080p so screen again not relevant here.

I have the luxury of seeing both the 2020 iPad and my 2017 Pro and yeah the A12 stutters all over the place but my 2017 is smooth so probably just more optimisations needed. Surprised they didn’t catch it but with the delays the games had guessing they just needed it released already and skipped over this one. They’d be silly to let it stay this way when the A12 makes up a huge amount of the total ios users. It’s plenty capable.