Different looks for equipment

Hi all,

I was wondering if there has been any news about equipment. The way they look I mean.

For instance: if you wear some kind of gloves and you change them for a different pair. Will you see the difference? Or will every character look exactly the same?

do you mean fashion or just like actual gear?

Absolutely gear. In a mmorpg I love to see all different kind of characters. If you see someone with lets say flaming shoulders from the hardest dungeon you instantly know this person is strong and invested in the game.
Like showing off your new equipment in the main city :smiley:


I definitely hope that they will have that in the game, otherwise it would be pretty bland seeing the same characters everywhere.

In descord, I read how
discussed whether the armor would be visualized or not. It said that they should have done so. But this, as you know, is not entirely accurate))

I don’t know that it ever made it onto the forums, but iirc there was a discussion in the discord about having gear that ages, etc. The thought being newer players would have brighter gear, while more experienced players would have a bit more beat-up/scratched/etc gear (or even scale with the gear; when you first get a weapon/armor, it’s bright and shiny, but as you use it it gets chipped/worn). I think the eventual conclusion was that that would limit some of the customization and role-playing on backstories etc. Also, from the character creation video, it seems that scars etc. are going to be customizable options from the beginning so that would kinda go against that idea. I do think that if crafting ever became a thing in-game that the aging gear would work better, but wouldn’t quite work otherwise.

This is another similar idea that I really like. If there were “trophy” cosmetics for various achievements, I think that’d be a really neat addition for people who like completing things like that. Could be little rewards like changing name color/border for hitting level milestones, joining a guild, etc. up to big things like capes or glowing auras for hitting level cap or defeating big boss.

Just with character customization there’s need to be multiple armor options that’s what makes your avatar unique.

I really hope this is not the case. I’d like to see changes in my characters look when I get further in the game.

Most of what we know about the game can be found in the 3 interviews or the AMA Difinitus did a couple months back

Don’t think anything was mentioned about different looks but I can imagine they’ve designed unique looks for every armor set on top of cosmetics


Yeh, the AMA are definitely worth the read. 90% of the questions people have can be answered there.

They have since provided screenshots of what some of the gear for each class looks like, there is a decent amoumt of variety. I’m torn about having purchasable cosmetics, i like being able to see armour and weapons in their original form, cosmetics sort of takes away from that

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Look at the screenshots from the game that were recently published. There is a woman-shooter and her bag, look for these photos and look, you can see that the equipment changes with each part of the body, worn separately, and on the right where the bag is a more simple form of clothing, but it looks exactly like the one on the hero, which is worn on the hero. I don’t know how to show the photo here, but I already knew for sure that the type of equipment will absolutely depend on each part of the body. And that’s great

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