Customizable Forum Themes and Avatars

The current theme isn’t bad persay, but I’m a big fan of dark themes for night eyes and power usage reduction. Also having the option to make custom themes would be very nice (blue for example :blue_heart:).

I do like all the WH:O characters, but having only a few choices leads to a bit of momentary confusion on the index page when looking at the “original/frequent/last posters”; you see a lot of the same profile pics for multiple people. Not to excessively compare, but the CH forums is pretty nice: there’re default icons to chose from, but you can upload a custom image (that meets file parameters). [tbh idk if this feature exists currently. If it does I have yet to find it or see anyone else utilize it]


Good proposal, but at this moment the forums community is not so large. I suppose, for the devs team general forum view is not a priority for now. This is a smart move, as forums community will increase by the time of test/release date.

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An update to the theme and/or the ability to choose a theme would be nice. But I also agree with Soga… this might be a good thing to pursue when the community grows. Otherwise, yes!


Having the option of a dark theme (at the very least) would be awesome. Custom avatars would be neat too - especially if gifs are allowed!

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