Couple questions :)

Do Game plan on have auction house, quest armor such as metoric, dragonlord. (not exact same ofc) and trading. also, would gambling be a feature enabled? like a dice game, that is setup by the devs where two players place a bet and the winner wins and the game takes like a 10% cut similar to how CH AH does.

Thank u!

P.S when is beta or release

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Yes, Devs mentioned that option.

No information was given upon this feature so far.

The Beta or Release date was not announced yet.


We aren’t sure about any sort of quest or storyline, but because this is Warhammer, I’d assume there would be some sort of underlying lore that we follow. There will likely be armor that you unlock by completing quests, but it probably won’t be the exact same system that CH uses (collecting boss drops that you trade in for the gear).

There will be player trading, yes

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